(2024) ‘Digital nomad’ gearlist – Easy summary

I reckon it’s a good idea to list all the things that I use on a daily/frequent basis. This master list compiles all the best things a ‘digital nomad’ should own.

This condensed digital nomad gearlist is a summary to keep things easy and sweet. The extended information can be found on my Best Digital Nomad gearlist article.

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These are all the little bits and pieces I wear. The vast majority of which is thrifted of purchased secondhand, with the exception for some things like socks and underwear, of course.

Best digital nomad adventure gear
Conquer the world for cheap and in style

Casual/daily wear

Merino wool socks


  • Icebreaker Shifter Merino wool jogger pants – fragile but great for campsite and lounging.
  • Arc’Teryx Gamma SL pants – lightweight windpants which dry fast.
  • Icebreaker Merino wool shorts – Tough and warm
  • Decathlon Quechua 100 zip-off pants – cheap and beatable
mountains arcteryx atom lt
What I usually wear for mountain adventures

Outdoor wear


how to size barefoot shoes
Some of my Vivobarefoot shoes

Camping gear

Ultralight Ticket To The Moon hammock camping setup
Hammock underquilt
Cozy -15c LSoH Toaster Underquilt πŸ™‚

Backpacks and storage

I travel with the large 40L backpack which always fits in the carry-on section for most airlines without a problem, is very comfortable, and easy to take around. The handheld bag I use is a simple black mesh bag

My 40L pack fully loaded up and ready for adventure



  • Garmin Virb 360 camera
  • iPhone 12 mini


iPhone 12 mini


  • Macbook Air M1


  • DaVinci resolve
  • Photoshop
  • Edge browser + DuckDuckGo

Speakers and audio:



The build fully ready to fly
Bike gear setup 720
Taking me all around Europe!

Fun stuff

Applications and sites

These are some of the best applications and sites I’ve come across. These are excellent for a healthy mind, adventures, food sharing, and so forth!

Edit: I’ve now moved over to Veerotech shared hosting – better speeds, great customer support, and only like $8/mo. Affiliate link here

That’s all the best digital nomad stuff!

That’s basically my entire life setup in one post! I’ve tried to minimize the amount of space and stuff I use. I found all these items to be highly functional and to improve my life significantly. Costs are pretty minimal and allow for adventure to almost any biome and atmosphere in the world with minimal weight, cost, and maximal effectiveness.

Hope this list of the best things for a digital nomad helped out πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “(2024) ‘Digital nomad’ gearlist – Easy summary”

  1. Love everything you’re doing here man. Big love from an Australian expat living in Korea and planning a bike tripping trip this year.


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