This project began November, 2020

I was born in 1997.

Who am I, and what is this site?

Well first of all: hi – thanks for reading this! If you’d like a  detailed overview of life click either the ‘Past’ ‘Present’ or ‘Future” drop-downs. 

Basically, this all started one day while stoned in the bathtub and thinking about how to make $.  I’m pretty much just a strange guy wandering around the earth and having things happen. 


I grew up in Calgary, Canada, and spent most of my developing life there. A standard middle-class suburban house with a caring and encouraging set of parents – a Belarussian classical musician and a Canadian hunting father. I was mostly interested in sports, music, and video games.

At a ripe young age I had the fortune of heading to Brazil to play football (soccer). Cumulating aprox. 1.5 years between the ages of 12 and 15, I was back and forth between Calgary, Rio, and beautiful Belo Horizonte.

Some short trips in between to Portugal and whatnot solidified the athlete mindset and general career path at a young age alongside some psychological conditioning – both good and bad.

It set in stone my desire for adventure, too.

Not to mention a heavy plethora of injuries to basically everywhere in my legs, it set the foundation for a unique journey.

You can read more about my experience of living & playing in Brazil under the Living in Brazil as a Canadian page linked here.

Right after graduating high school, I set my eyes on the Netherlands. Why? I’m not sure. I remembered scrolling and realizing that I disliked highschool and living in my hometown. I didn’t know why, but I realized it’s such a vain and counterproductive society. Where isn’t though?

I had no idea what the Netherlands was like; I had no connections, no job, and I was a fresh and go-lucky 18 years young adult with his first true tastes of freedom. I sold all my stuff, computers, car, etc to afford some time.

By happy mistake I chose to live in Leiden – a cozy and cute student city in the heart of the Netherlands. From there, my internal growth skyrocketed. I was still following the professional sports route while exploring the cosmos of psychedelics.

You can read more about Living in the Netherlands as a Canadian here.

Unfortunately, I developed a spine injury after a while which sent me back to Canada for a short term. After a quick hiatus and closing the Canadian chapter, I went after Denmark.

Likewise with cute Holland, I had no knowledge of Denmark. I meandered about for a term before deciding – damn – Denmark f*king sucks. I met a beautiful Slovakian girl who stole my heart at the time, though I slipped away to Croatia for a change of environment – Denmark was not a place for me.

Of course, you can read my Living in Denmark as a Canadian post for an in-depth story and guide.

Arrival in Croatia was an immediate change of pace. Warmth, comfort, flavor and a little grit. Rijeka was an incredible place and I stayed there for a while. I developed, grew, and relaxed there and highly recommend it.

Read up on my Living in Croatia as a Canadian post for a full overview of that experience.

As my Visa expired and life pointed me in other directions, a variety of incredible synchronicities and friends led me to the behemoth – Berlin.

Oh Berlin. I thought Germany was lame. I mean really, how cool could the capital of Germany be?

Well, it’s insane. Packed with content and potentially overwhelming, I got lucky and found a nice place before 2020. Then Coronavirus happened.

Back to Canada in March of 2020 – when shit hit the fan – and I got to reconnect with family, friends, the wilderness, and ambient stress/anxiety that Calgary presents. It was essential to growth though I hope to not repeat that too often.

Returning to Berlin from Oct 2020-Oct 2021, I made a move to Portugal in order to enjoy a quieter life, stronger nature, and to integrate new learnings.

In present times I work towards a triathalon (or adventure race) while running this site. I’m currently situated in the Algarve (Portugal) in a lovely house in a nice location. If you’re around the area (or Eu in general), please send a message and I’d love to have you over for an evening! You’re genuinely welcome to sleep at my place, provided you’re not a creep.

I have all sorts of plans for the near and deep future.

Plan 1 is to complete a camper van conversion. That way I can have a more ‘permanent’ residence without having to move around from place to place to place. It gets old changing places every few months or year – I’d like somewhere to be ‘mine’. 

Plan 2 would be to get back into the football (soccer) scene with newfound love. This is hopefully after a triathalon/adventure race, or when my body/legs have fully healed – whichever comes first. 2028 Canada automatically qualifies for the World Cup and I’ll be damned if I don’t try to realize that dream younger me imagined.

Plan 3 (10 year goal), I would like to have a tiny house. Somewhere in the hills, by the sea, or near a river. Fully self-sustaining eco-home type deal where I can utilize geothermal, solar, or hydro electricity for power and grow a permaculture garden for food. Hunting and gardening for the rest of my needs.

I don’t plan to be 100% off grid as the internet and connectedness seems to be omnipresent and quite useful, though I’d like to distance myself from the shit-show of modern life. Trying to find that gentle balance.

I enjoy freedom and as a life goal I would like to explore/experience as much of the world as I can during this lifetime. After all, why are we here anyways? 


Here’s a quick general overview:

I started this site as a repository of all life stuff – from videos to knowledge and more. Also to diversify streams of income and help my other projects with SEO, but that’s as an aside.

I’m just a young dude from Canada, originally Calgary, AB. I’ve spent the last 7 years living abroad in various places such as Brazil, the Netherlands, Denmark, Croatia, Germany, and now Portugal .

I speak native English, good French & Portuguese (Br), and mediocre/poor De, Hr, Ru.


While pursuing a career in professional sports (football/soccer) I branched off (due to injury) and began working online as a freelancer. Leveraging natural writing capabilities, marketing know-how, and decent work ethic, I managed to become self-sufficient and have goals to further that sufficiency.

I was stoned in the bathtub one day and thought: “Why do these people pay me $30-$100 for an article?” Surely it must have value to them… right? Well, that’s when I began to self-publish my reviews, articles, and guides. Soon enough it took off after ~6 months and now it’s my only ‘job’.

I love to adventure, bike, climb, run, swim, play sports (mostly football [soccer]), do BJJ, and everything else under the sun.

I very much enjoy cannabis, psychedelics, and consciousness. I engage in many practices encompassing those worlds and for good reason – expanding my consciousness changed my life in ways hard to describe through text.

I also absolutely love music – from jazz to dub to techno to funk to hip-hop to classical and beyond, I listen to heavy & light as long as there’s creativity and love put into the art. I’m very fond of quality music festivals and a good party once in a while.

Lastly, I love health & wellbeing. I try to eat well, sleep, well, and train as hard as I can. I’m trying to push my body (and) to the limits of our human potential – within reason.

So that’s myself in a nutshell. There’s a lot more to it than that though 🙂