(2023) my 7 actual best dry herb vaporizers ever – Unbiased guide

In the quest for the best dry herb vaporizer I’ve tested over a hundred units and written hundreds of reviews (for the clients I worked for). Here’s now the time for a completely un-biased, un-paid, and raw overview of what I think the absolute best herb vapes are (for me).

In no particular order, here we go:

Edit: Full disclaimer – I have now struck an affiliate relationship with PuffItUp (NA) and VerdampftNochmal (EU). They’re IMO some of the best webshops in the world with the best service so I’m very happy to partner with them! Click the links to support 🙂

Some of my top picks

VapBong (Collyland Aromatizer) – Best experience herb vaporizer

The VapBong (Collyland Aromatizer) is just a joy to use.

I’ll start with the most unique, sensational device out there – the German VapBong. Love it or hate it, the aesthetic design and 99% ceramic construction is entirely unique to this device only. Not just is it a literal piece of art (takes tremendous skill to create), it has absolutely top notch performance.

Bulky, expensive, and not portable at all – it’s absolutely not for everyone. It’s ritualistic, wholesome, and deserving of intention. If you like to relax with a view and sip a cup of tea and contemplate things, you will find yourself well accompanied by the VapBong (or VapDong, according to Reddit).

Such a unique device (3 gram bowl!!)

If I had to choose only one desktop vaporizer for the rest of my life, it’d be this one – no questions asked. The hits, the smoothness, the flavor, the smells, the experience, the vapor gently billowing out after you inhale a thick cloud – no experience is alike. Also, the people who make it are really outstanding. That’s worth something, no?

I often use unground buds with great result and even better results with my classic SCS grinder and store my herb in a Jyarz container , if anyone was curious.

  • Powerful
  • Handmade
  • Functional art
  • – Not for everyone

Airvape Legacy Pro – Best overall portable herb vape

Even my puppydog thinks it’s one of the best!

The Airvape Legacy Pro is new on the block and the US-based Apollo has really gone so far above and beyond any commercial maker in recent times. They’ve pushed innovation, they’ve listened to customers, they’ve provided excellent service, and they’ve now made a phenomenal vaporizer.

This vape seriously has everything. Session mode, on-demand mode, USB-C, wireless charging, removable 18650, removable glass vapor path, wax mode, sleek design, and very fair price. The old Legacy was close but no cigar, but the new Legacy Pro goes really far!

My go-to for hiking in the Rockies

Vapor is a delicious hybrid with a stellar first hit, discounts are everywhere, international shipping & support was stellar, and I’m extremely impressed by it. My only gripes are it’s not easy to rig up to a bubbler without the special adaptor, loose mouthpiece, and loading & cleaning gets messy. Aside from that it’s imo the best overall vape on market. Sorry Crafty+!

It’s what the Firefly2 wishes it achieved, pushes innovation which Arizer and Storz & Bickel have ignored, and is exactly what happens when a company listens to the community. Huge ups and respect to Airvape for this one.

  • Extremely feature-rich
  • Excellent yummy and rich vapor
  • Replacement parts are very cheap!
  • – Cleaning and maintenance
image 100425036 13452042

MiniVap – Best performing portable herb vaporizer

Not mini at all, the MiniVap vaporizer has huge specs

So heavily overlooked by everyone, the Spanish MiniVap is just the best performing portable herb vaporizer out there, bar none. The chamber is huge (twice that of the Mighty), the battery life is literally second to none, the vapor quality is great, and it’s the easiest vaporizer to use on the entire market.

Expensive, large, and somewhat strange looking, the MiniVap is also not for everyone. It’s not exactly portable in the sense that it fits in your pocket – I use the (included) camera bag to carry it. To me, it’s absolutely worth the trade-off due to the above mentioned attributes. You turn it on and can hit it for hours and still be getting vapor. Thanks, big bowl!

I hiked with it for 4 hours of nonstop vapor. The battery is immense! Yes I’ll often prefer the Legacy Pro in most situations where portability is a factor, but the MiniVap is the undisputed heavy hitting session convection king.

Rumor has it that the MiniVap team are working on a new vaporizer which has even better battery life and will actually be mini. I may or may not have seen the prototype. I now digress, this vaporizer is the equivalent of sipping from a beer bottle/space thermos lovechild. Terrific.

The MiniVap does great with ground herb and even fairly decent with whole buds!

  • Huge bowl (up to 0.5g)
  • Incredible battery (~3 hrs)
  • Session convection vapor
  • – Not ‘mini’ at all
verdampftnochmal logo png
Shop at Verdampftnochmal (EU)

DynaVap – Best tiny herb vaporizer

Dynavap NonaVong XLS with Portside Mini induction heater

Cliché, the American DynaVap doesn’t need much explanation at all – it’s petite, affordable, and (nearly) indestructible. The microdosing-sized chamber can unload gigantic clouds, it emulates that smoking experience, and bestows all the power of the device into the hand of the beholder.

View current price of the DynaVap here

Cumbersome, difficult, and fiddly at times, the DynaVap struggles when it comes to torching it in public settings and for beginners. I almost exclusively use an induction heater with it, save for the times I don’t have one with me. The DynaVap turns from good to terrific with an induction heater.

Stoned like an ancient

They’re massively popular for a reason. It makes a lot from a little amount of herb. It’ll last a lifetime, can be elegant in the right setting/with the right parts, and something which will always stay in my collection due to how versatile it is.

I often use the DynaVap with unground buds – just jamming the tip into a nug and pulling it out, though I do get better performance with ground herb.

  • Nearly indestructible
  • Fully manual experience
  • Emulates the smoking experience
  • – Torching is meh, induction heater is yeh.

DynaVap on PuffItUp with 20% off with code PUFFITUP

Shop at PuffItUp (NA)
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Shop at Verdampftnochmal (EU)

TinyMight – Best small portable herb vaporizer

The TinyMight vaporizer hits far harder than the size suggests.

Beautiful, powerful, and overwhelming are the adjectives I choose for the Finnish TinyMight. Not only is it visually excellent because of its wood/metal/glass design, but it has great ergonomics too. Couple that with an immense convection heating element and Arizer-style stem function and you’ve got a real winner.

Untrustworthy is one way to put it however. From the hassles other have experienced from manufacturing issues & subsequent customer support woes, this device is hindered only by that which makes it great – precision and a small team. While many have no problems with it, it’s something to keep in mind.

18650 batteries, incredibly powerful, and small enough to bring around, the TinyMight is aptly named. It has its faults for sure but I cannot think of a single portable unit which can do what it does in a similar form factor. That’s why it deserves a spot on the list.

This vape needs properly ground herb to work properly. For that I use my SCS grinder.

  • Extremely good convection vapor
  • Handmade – wood, glass, metal
  • 18650 batteries
  • – Reliability and customer service issues
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Shop at Verdampftnochmal (EU)

Mighty+ – 2nd best overall portable dry herb vaporizer.

A perfect do-it-all machine, the Mighty is great if you want just one vape.

Is it really a best dry herb vaporizer list without the Mighty being on there? Of course not. German Storz & Bickel knows what they’re doing and every unit they’ve put out has been top quality. Reliable, easy to use, dosing capsules, portable – there’s a good reason why everyone who has one loves it.

Sure they use plastics, non-removable batteries, and some other annoying design choices, but there’s no denying the powerful & smooth hits that the Mighty (and Crafty+) can put out.

Zeichenfrfgvedfvl che 3 7
View current price of the Mighty here

It’s not the best in any single category – hit size, flavor, ease of use, size, etc – but it blends all those aspects into one solid unit which makes it a jack of all trades. Can’t recommend the Mighty enough for someone who wants a portable power tool which will stand the test of time.

The Mighty does fairly well with whole buds but the best with ground herb. Truthfully, I prefer the Airvape Legacy Pro now – it’s smaller, has better vapor, has more practical features, and has IMO dethroned the king.

Update: The Mighty+ has launched and while it’s a good upgrade, the original one is still nearly as good.

  • Jack of all trades – does everything well
  • Excellent session hybrid vapor
  • Very smooth and easy to draw from
  • – Cleaning is a hassle

Available on PuffItUp with 20% off with code PUFFITUP

Shop at PuffItUp (NA)
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Shop at Verdampftnochmal (EU)

Honorable mentions:

Tafée Bowle – Best boutique dry herb vaporizer

Completely strange and unique, the Canadian Tafée Bowle quickly silenced all critics what with its absolutely excellent pure-convection vapor – something that countless vapes (Firefly, MV1, etc) have failed to do for all these years. Near-instant heat-up, some of the best flavor from a dry herb vape, and robust hits – the Bowle comes close.

The Tafee Bowle is super unique and hits very well.

A scuffy-plastic cup, odd Micro-USB charging port location and a relatively small battery – there are some improvements to be made still. Regardless, it’s extremely dopaminergic to pour a beer and have your hits from the same cup. Skeptical as I was, it really performed far better than I would’ve imagined.

Very easy to use, a very unique form factor, and terrific vapor is what draws me back to this unit over and over again. Having a few bowles pre-loaded with the (nice) grinder makes it as on-demand as can be. Just remember to charge it!

The Bowle performs poorly with whole nugs and excellent with fluffy ground herb.

  • Incredibly fast on-demand convection vapor
  • Amazing flavor and hit density – easy to draw from
  • Beer + Bowle is heaven combo
  • – Meh battery life and charging port
verdampftnochmal logo png
Shop at Verdampftnochmal (EU)

MistVape Imp – Best 510-threaded dry herb vape

In the world of 510-threaded dry herb vaporizers there is only one which I actually love most – that being the American MistVape Imp. Underappreciated and whatnot, this is a good vaporizer for those who like to tinker (me). Unlimited potential, excellent hits with wax & dry herb, and rebuildable. Also, wood!

Tinkering and toying is something you must be fond of because setting up firmware’s, resistances, rebuilding coils, etc – not user-friendly at all. The reward you can get though is stellar as you’re left with a budget-friendly vape which performs among the top of the top and does wax better than any other.

The MistVape Imp on a Sinuous P80 with Arizer stem

A small bit of sanding allowed me to use any Arizer stem, and I have 6 x 18650 batteries ready to go for whenever the situation calls. Still, I wouldn’t recommend this 510 herb vaporizer to anyone except those who know what they’re getting into. Seems like MistVape is discontinued though, so the next options are the Dreamwood Glow and ModPodLabs StemPod which I hear are about as good.

  • Excellent value
  • Fully customizable
  • Terrific with herb and wax
  • – Steep learning curve
verdampftnochmal logo png
Shop at Verdampftnochmal (EU)

Sticky Brick (O’Connel Woodworks, Dreamwood) – Best manual herb vapes

Sticky Brick Firefly2 and Dynavap
I had an OG Sticky Brick awhile ago and loved it. Great if you like pure wood and glass.

Butane is fun. Butane sucks. The American Sticky Brick and related brick-style vaporizers hit like a freight train but have a steep learning curve for newbies. Fun to use, fully manual, and charming in some ways, the Sticky Brick vapes are particular and niche.

View current price of Sticky Brick here

Burning, inconsistency, and difficult to share – the Sticky Brick types are pretty awful for passing around with others, lest you like a very involved and intimate sharing process. There are ways to work around this, but in the end it’s sub-optimal.

However, it’s a fully-manual drag car which can blow your head off with the dense and instant hits. Not many vaporizers can achieve the same results, it’s just you need to work to get the results. Also, I freaking love wood and they’re a complete joy to use.

  • Extremely good performance
  • Glass and wood
  • Fully manual control & rewarding experience
  • – Steep learning curve

Sticky Brick on PuffItUp with 20% off code: PUFFITUP

Shop at PuffItUp (NA)
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Shop at Verdampftnochmal (EU)

Tetra P80 – Most powerful portable dry herb vaporizer.

Ahh the Swiss. The Tetra P80 stands out as one of the most tinkered and tuned dry herb vapes in existence. Also expensive as heck and very difficult to get ahold of, this small behemoth is a work of art in a visual and engineered sense. The final product? Obscenely good vapor quality.

About as tuned and refined as they come, the TetraP80 is a unique piece.

Bulky, somewhat odd, and not exactly ‘simple’, it’s an enthusiasts vape but still one of the best dry herb vaporizers on the market, period. Modular, fully customizable exterior, and genuinely art, it’s not exactly my first pick for going outside and walking around, but it can fill any role just fine. Battery life is okay but it uses removable 18650s so that’s a plus.

If you’re looking for the power of an Extreme Q in an on-demand, turbo-charged beauty of a vape, this is the one. It wouldn’t be my only vape but by god is it ever lovely.

  • Powerful work of art
  • Handmade with love in Switzerland
  • Finely tuned and well-rounded
  • – Hard to get

Arizer Extreme Q & Volcano Hybrid – Best desktop dry herb vapes.

Now watch me whip… Both of these units are extremely good.

The Extreme Q is just an phenomenal value. There’s really nothing else in this price category as simple, effective, and powerful. I only really like to use it with a whip (and at times a bubbler), but it’s absolutely perfect just like that. It’s a bargain and terrific for the price paid.

arizer logo
View current price of Extreme Q here

The Volcano Hybrid is just a supercharged Extreme Q with a pricetag that is in big wallet territory. It’s absolutely better than the Extreme Q but also overkill for most scenarios. I can’t really think of many scenarios where I’ve been using the Extreme Q and said “gee, I need even more vapor”. I guess it’s really nice to have that power on hand though for when you want it.

Volcano classic
View current price of Volcano here

Easy to use, great results, and a overall solid experience, both of these desktop vaporizers are excellent in every right and deserve a spot on the runners-up list.

Both vapes perform quite well with whole buds but far better with ground herb.

  • Whip, balloon, direct draw functions
  • Excellent and smooth vapor
  • 24/7 workhorse
  • – Not elegant at all

Extreme Q on PuffItUp with 20% off code: PUFFITUP

Volcano Hybrid on PuffItUp with 20% off code: PUFFITUP

Shop at PuffItUp (NA)
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My favorite vaping accessories

Some things are essential to a good vaping kit – carry cases, grinders, humidity packs, water filters, etc. Here are 5 thing which I deem necessary for any quality vape kit to include!

Favorite water bubbler

Use it with pretty much every vape I have

I love carrying a small 14mm bubbler in my travels. The only one I deem portable enough is a 14mm hydratube. Helps get huge smoother hits, doesn’t take up much space, and piques everyone’s curiosity.

Favorite grinder

ryot kannastor gr8tr review
Glass and wood – pure and works excellent!

While I love the SCS and Brilliant Cut and metal grinders, I actually really love most my Kannastör wood GR8TR. The glass storage space is lovely and keeps herb fresh, the walnut wood is attractive, the magnets are strong, and I get an excellent mixed grind! Organic feeling through and through 🙂

Favorite multitool

tools420 keychain storage
Dab tool, cleaning brush, 4 x 0.5g storage cans

The Storage Keychain by Tools420 is my favourite portable herb storage thing. With 4 chambers all fitting about 0.5 grams each you can carry 4 different herbs/concentrates in one small container. I put a lil cleaning brush and dab tool on the end of mine so I’m 24/7 ready for whatever session I want!

Favorite carry case

ryot krypto kit review
Smell-proof and perfect sized to carry herb, torch, and Dyna!

The RYOT Krypto-Kit is a small, padded, smell-proof case which I store my Dyna, torch, and herb inside. Perfect travel size and keeps weight down. Keep in mind any vapes larger than a Pax or Fury 2 will not fit inside.

Favorite adapter

dabcap adapter
Link (almost) any vape to any bubbler

Both the Dynavap Fat Mouthpiece and DabCap are essential to making nearly any vape fit on a water piece. For $15 total you pretty much guarantee water compatibility – not a bad price to pay to futureproof any vape you might but!


Having done many years of testing and reviewing the best dry herb vaporizers around, I’ve narrowed my collection and list down to these main units. Of course there are tons of units I’d like to recommend like the HR Fury Rogue, Flowerpot, etc – but this list is focused on the best of the best and these don’t quite make the list.

In my personal life, I use the MiniVAP as an easy ‘turn it on and forget it‘ vaporizer when cooking and chilling. Same for the Aromatizer/VapBong – I just leave it plugged in and ready to go for those all-night sessions.

The Bowle for flavor tasting with a radler, the Dynavap and Imp for out and about & ultralight backpacking. I don’t own a Mighty, Extreme Q, or Brick anymore just to thin out my collection.

If you have any questions or thoughts just please drop them down below as I’m glad to help out. I’ve literally spent hundreds (if not, thousands) of hours compiling information and writing about herb vaporizers – so pry away!

My humble main drivers collection

Lastly, check my article on using CBD & THC for athletes – this little plant has changed my life and hopefully it can positively impact yours too.

Consider donating a coffee-amount of coins via PayPal if my article helped you 🙂

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    (2023) my 7 actual best dry herb vaporizers ever – Unbiased guide

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42 thoughts on “(2023) my 7 actual best dry herb vaporizers ever – Unbiased guide”

  1. Hey James

    Great list man!

    Im looking for the best of the best FLAVOUR you have ever found lol
    one portable and one home.

    Would this be minvap and a vapman?

    • It’s great but beaten out by the VapBong for the ritual, aesthetics, and experience. And the vapor quality is fantastic with a larger bowl for mega or micro dosing

  2. The best desktop vaporizer on the market at a reasonable price is hands down the Qaroma. To call this list complete for 2023 is a little eurocentric/unupdated. Any of the options on the Qaromashop website or a flowerpot is hands down a better desktop device and you dont have to be stuck with the bags or a ridiculous hose setup that doesn’t work well and takes up a bunch of space.

    • The Qaroma, FPot, and ball vapes are extremely good.

      However, they’re also very complex, hazardous (hot hot hot), and not easy for the average non-enthusiast end user. Also generally an eye-sore and extremely expensive.

      The VapBong is still IMO the champion with its aesthetics, ease of use, vapor quality, and bown which accomadates up to 3.0 grams!

      However, it’s still highly debatable and truly there is the #1 best – everyone will have a different preference/use-case 🙂

  3. Hi, I was looking for a Dynabong but Collyland has ceased operations.

    So I was looking for another addition to my collection (Crafty, Solo 2, Vap cap, Omni vap, Firefly 2+, Sticky Brick Jr) what is your top suggestion.

    Last one, wich one would you pick between Tinymight 2 and Airvape Legacy pro?

    Thank you for the post.

  4. thank you for this article. what rabbit hole would u lead folks on who want only “natural materials like glass, ceramic, wood” etc, for a portable. i have the arizer solo 2, but ready for a bigger bowl. i also use it with an improvised silicone whip for added cooling when i max out the temps. the mighty+ seems like the easiest purchase but I’m actually terrified of aluminum dosing capsules and the aluminum underneath the ceramic coated bowl. i thank you for introducing me to vapbong. will definitely get one in the future!

    • Hi Gee!

      Thanks a ton for the donation, means a lot! <3

      If you're looking for a vapor path like that then I'd recommend a Sticky Brick, Firewood 8, or VapBong. Not too many units these days are made with wholly organic materials. Aluminum sensitivity is tricky as a lot of units use aluminum screens or heating elements. I think also the Vapman is a good one to consider!

      Also the long stem for the Dynavap is actually a magical 3 euro find from a random headshop in Berlin which was supposed to be an incense holder!!

  5. Man, I enjoyed this write up so much. I wish I had found this a year ago. I’ve wasted so much money (probably not but feels that way). I literally laugh anytime I pull up vape recs for pax as the best on the market. Like, seriously? Hypothetical ‘You’ are willing to put your name on that review?
    Have you tried the Utillian 722? Supposed to be like the mighty. That’s what I am on now after the pax 3 but I’m not satisfied with it of course. That vapbong has had me intrigued since I found it a couple of months ago. Can you tell me if you had a choice, would you upgrade your portable (only vape for herb) or would you sink more money into a non portable like the vapbong or extreme q? And, if you had the choice, would you pick the vapbong or extreme q and why?

    • hey really glad you like it 🙂

      U722 is actually not bad – not excellent but it works well enough! Mighty(+) or Airvape Legacy Pro would be the last portable you need to buy though.

      If you want something heavy hitting at home EQ/EQ2 or VapBong would be excellent – nothing can match them! EQ is just easy to use and cheap and very good, VapBong is a special experience/type of vape. Hard to pick a favorite! IMO pick a desktop because they cannot be beaten by any portable (except the MiniVap)

  6. I’ve followed this dudes word as gospel and have everything but the MiniVap. This is the first list that isn’t shilling or selling anything. I don’t know who this guy is but his words have done right by me. To say the least.

    • hey man thanks! <3

      MiniVap is one of the kings - biggest bowl and battery of any portable in the biz! I have the Airvape Legacy Pro on the way and excited to see how it stacks up

  7. Hey, thanks a ton for this list of dry herb vaporizers. All the details are quite impressive and practical. From the list, I use the mighty vaporizer. It’s handy and functions great.

  8. Good article, missed the Tetra drop yesterday and I have wanted a replacement for the Milana 2 and RBT Splinter. So the Dreamwood glow seems my fit as there is nothing that’s gets heated except wood and glass which is what I look for in a vape, I can taste if any other material is being heated.

  9. I realize this is a delayed response but I have literally purchased every device on your list except the TetraP80. They’re like a pink unicorn and impossible to get; got a “Cosmic Xtractor” handmade 510 wooden atomizer on a Wismec P228. The atomizer is identical to a RBT Splinter Z with a slightly larger heating coil. AND, THE ANVIL is being released by tomorrow. Going to be a huge hitter.

    • The P80 isn’t really that hard to get imo if you know the system Ralph uses. You get on the mailing list for when the drops are. Go on the lamart website so you know exactly what you want prior to the drop. You get the email about the day and time of the drop and schedule to be online for it. Get on the website at the start of the drop time and get the P80 you want or custom. It was pretty simple to me at least. I got one first try. It’s kind of like the last :30 of an ebay auction.

  10. Hey James,

    I’m trying to find news on that new up and coming Minivap update, but can’t find any! Where did you read this? Any article you can direct me towards? The Minivap seems ideal for me but if they’re updating it soon I’ll probably wait.

    • There is no public information – I had a call directly with Jorge of MiniVap and we discussed it from there.

      From what I know the next model won’t be out for quite a while (years) so honestly just pick up the MiniVap now. The battery is 100% worth it and I didn’t like my MiniVap so much without it.

  11. Stork and Bickel are utter rubbish. The mighty broke down after just two months, the hybrid within one month. £700 down the drain to an arrogant company that doesnt know how to make a simple heating unit.

    If you ask me we have a long way to go. All of these vapes produce little vapour after six months.

    Its as though some lightweights with no tolerance got together and tried to get high and then were rich enough to manufacture their lightweight device.

    We needs a proper vape that generates clouds and last longer than 3 months. If you want to lose your money buy Stock and Bickel and spend more money on returns and repairs.

    • Unfortunate you’ve had that experience with S&B! You didn’t get in touch with their warranty department at all?

      I’ve tried so many S&B units and they all performed flawlessly and with very good vapor production. Heck, my friends Mighty has been beat to *hell* with a shattered display, cracked body, etc, etc, and it still somehow pumps out vapor.

      Get your money back! File a warranty replacement or something and maybe get a Sticky Brick – seems like the kinda vape you might prefer

    • Storz and Bickel have a 3 year warranty on their vaporizers.. so if you actually had one that broke, they should’ve given you a brand new one for free via replacement RMA. This is on you mate. Storz and Bickel is still the best of the best when it comes to vapor consistently and customer service IMO

  12. I came here to learn about the heavy hitting devices along with the available options. Very pleased to have read, learned and agreed with much of the article. Recently I’ve been on a perpetual mission researching the ‘best for me’ vape while owning some of these devices, currently using 3 of the above mentioned mfgs. Tell me what step might you add after the S&B, Arizer lineups and DynaVaps. Kindly, WoodScents was not listed while this little gem has also rather exceptional extraction! An FYI, I will not use butane (damn me and the Brick). However, knowing this, and IYO, what device might you suggest to be a good addition?
    re: it may be nice if Joe could further clarify his gripe…also maybe a drop test with his device and then a fair report! Ouch!

    • Woodscents is great as well as the Herborizer Ti, but I personally found the VapBong/Collyland Aromzatizer to be the best of em all.

      TBH an A+++ tier Induction heater is a massive different even compared to my Portside Mini – I got incredible flavor when using the Magheater Tornado of my friend and it was the best Dynavap experience I ever had as well as one of the best vaporizer experiences overall.

  13. Great post. I like the no nonsense and economical arguments for your choices. I agree with most of it (at least with the vapes on your list that I’ve tried). I just got a P80 and it’s the most variable use vape with the most customization I’ve ever used. It’s a hell of a vape but for the price it’s probably going to be my last.

  14. Minivap is like a toy. It’s huge P.O.S. The VapDong is ok but not worth the $400+ pricetag. It’s just such a simple device and your paying extra for the Ceramic. You can get a good ceramic bong for around $250, and the heater for these things is around $20. You’re paying about $200 more than it should actually cost. Don’t forget the VapDong doesn’t have any accessories, it can’t connect to bluetooth or anything, it’s extremely heavy and when it falls it WILL break.

    • I think you’re quite delusional.

      If you think you can create a VapBong with a $20 heater and some janking of a ceramic bong – you’re wrong. I’ll send you $75 (promise) if you prove a model which functions exactly as well as the VapBong. Not to mention the skill and effort needed to make a literal piece of art (glaze, ceramic firing, shaping, etc) – it’s not easy at all.

      A Bluetooth app doesn’t make a vape good – look at the Pax.

      The MiniVap? It has the absolute best battery life and largest bowl of any portable herb vape, period. Name one other convection session vape which can be working for hours straight without being plugged in. I’ll wait.


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