(2024) the REAL Best portable Bluetooth speakers – battery powered beasts!

List updated and valid, April, 2024 šŸ™‚

In the last few years we’ve seen the quality of portable Bluetooth party speakers improve drastically. In the last year we’ve seen a ton of people looking to host little parties and outdoor raves. I’ll go over my short list of what I deem to be the best portable Bluetooth party speakers out there.

This list will go in order from the smallest portable Bluetooth speakers to the largest!

This list will not include the best budget portable Bluetooth speakers – this is a list for the best sound quality and performance out there. I have tested in-person or thoroughly researched these options before putting them on this list – no paid product placements!

EASY CHEAT SHEET HERE! Pick any – it’ll be great!

#1Earfun Uboom LMinirig 4Minirig 4 + SubEV E-Verse 8Teufel Rockster
#2Stormbox Micro 2Earfun Uboom LMotion Boom 2HK Pro Move:8Soundboks 4
#3Motion 300Beosound A1Rockster CrossJBL Boombox 3JBL Eon One MK2
#4Stormbox BlastMinirig Mini 2JBL Xtreme 3Stormbox BlastRockster Air 2

Audio comes in the way of vibrations passing through air. The bigger the speaker/enclosure, generally the more intense vibrations/air it can move and with less power. While clever engineering exists, it’s hard to beat physics!

Portable battery powered DJ setup
Beautiful little setup of Soundboks 3- Minirigs, Teufel Rockster Cross, and The Box powered speakers šŸ™‚

Remember, a 3dB difference is ~100% more power required and it takes ~10dB for a 100% increase in perceived volume. The amount of sound a speaker makes at 1W is very important and generally larger speakers with big enclosures have higher dB @ 1W (just how physics works).

I’ve compiled a list of all the easy soundbike speakers/accessories right here on Thomann – browse around and see what speaks to you!

Note: I spent a long time writing up and compiling this best portable speakers list. Some of these links are affiliate links which support me. This list is as un-biased and objective as possible and if you see errors or have suggestions, please let me know!

Minirig 41 x 3″106dB50W 60-20k Hz +/-3dB1.24lb/563gA++$160
Motion Boom 22 x 3″102dB80W60-20k Hz +/-3dB3.66lb/1.6kgA+$100
Rockster Cross1 x 4.75″, 2x 1″103dB30W50-20k Hz +/-3dB5lb/2.4kgA$279
Uboom L2 x 2.2″96dB28W65-20k Hz +/-3dB1.4lb/650gB+$79
EV E-verse 81 x 8″, 1 x 1″115dB200W60-20k Hz +/- 3dB16.8lb/7.5kgA+$799
Pro Move 81 x 8″, 1 x 1″112dB60W65-20k Hz +/- 3dB18.5lb/8.5kgA+$599
JBL Encore1 x5.25″,2×1.75″108dB100W60-20k Hz +/- 3dB18lb/8.3kgA+$299
EXM Mobile 81 x 8″,1×5″,1×1″117dB200W60-20k Hz +/- 3dB17lb/7.75kgA+$849
Bose S1 Pro1 x 6″, 3 x 1″103dB50W62-20k Hz +/- 3dB15.7lb/7.1kgA$599
Boombox 31 x 6″,2×3″,1×1″110dB136W40-20k Hz +/- 3dB14.7lb/6.7kgA$499
Stormbox Blast1 x 4.2″, 2×1.2″107dB90W43-20k Hz +/- 3dB12lb/5.5kgB+$199
JBL PB3102 x 6.5″,2 x 2.5″110dB240W50-20k Hz +/- 3dB38lb/17.4kgA$529
Rockster Air 21 x 10″, 1 x 1″115dB72W52-20k Hz +/- 3dB32lb/14.5kgA$549
B-Hype M1 x 10″, 1 x 1.117dB100W68-20k Hz +/-3dB27lb/12.5kgA$549
EXM Mobile 121 x 12″, 1 x 1″117dB200W60-20k Hz +/-3dB35lb/16kgA$999
Soundboks 42 x 10″, 1 x 1″119dB216W40-20k Hz +/-3dB34lb/15.4kgA++$999
Rockster1 x 15″, 1 x 1″123dB450W38-20k Hz +/-3dB69lb/31.5kgA$999
Eon One MK21 x 10″, 8 x 2″119dB400W45-20k Hz +/-3dB42.5lb/19kgA+$1199

Most portable Bluetooth party speakers

So this category here is for the easiest ones to take around – throw in a bag, mount on the bike, run away from 5-0 easily.

Minirig 3 and Minirig Sub3 – Best sounding ultraportable Bluetooth speaker setup

My collection of Minirigs

Bar none, these are the absolute best performing and portable Bluetooth party speakers out there. I have 3 Minirig 3s and 2 Minirig Subwoofer 3s and they are what motivated me to write up this post – literally yesterday at the park there were over 40 people crowded around and dancing to techno beats (yes, I’m not joking at all). It is absolutely the best sound you can get for the size, bar none.

The huge benefit these have over all others on this list is the wireless L/R stereo separation. Since you can wirelessly pair both speakers and connect a sub to each, you can part them a meter or two and get an improved sound quality.

I have them on my front and rear basket on my bike and usually set it up beside a tree. These things have literally fueled abandoned building raves, have excellent battery life, sound quality, and honestly I’m in love with them. Check out my full Minirig 3 review and Minirig Subwoofer 3 review to see more on how I feel about them.

Bonus: Minirigs is a small UK-based company – your dollar goes to them, not cheap Chinese remanufacturing.

amazon logo png
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?u=https%3A%2F%2Flirp.cdn website.com%2Fa2192854%2Fdms3rep%2Fmulti%2Fopt%2Flogo black 800x266 452w
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Soundcore Motion Boom – Best budget portable speaker

Soundcore Motion Boom
Soundcore Motion Boom side by side the JBL Xtreme 3

I wasn’t going to include this in the list just because I’m not keen on adding ‘best budget Bluetooth speakers’ to the list, however credit is due where credit is due and the Soundcore Motion Boom+ is really impressive for the price and size. Nearly matching a Minirig 3 + subwoofer in the sound category, it doesn’t quite sound as good or have the same versatility, but boy is it ever an excellent deal.

If you don’t have all too much money to burn and want the best simple portable Bluetooth speaker around, just grab this – you’ll love it. Above 80% volume the sound falls apart a bit in comparison to the Minirigs, but it really beats out everything else in the pure price:performance section.

HOWEVER, there is no aux-in. For some that may be a dealbreaker when it comes to specific applications. It does have USB-C which is great though. For the casual market, I feel like lack of aux-in won’t be an issue anyways but for me it’s a major dealbreaker for my portable DJ applications.

Update Julu 7: The Soundcore Motion Boom+ has launched and is better in every metric but not as portable or conveient.

Teufel Rockster Cross – Best shoulder-strap style speaker

The Teufel Rockster Cross compared to the JBL Boombox 2

Honestly, it doesn’t quite stand up to the Minirigs, however I really like the design, compact size, and it still does put out quality sound. Teufel makes good audio products and the Rockster Cross is nice as a quick monitor for DJ booth tasks. It has better qualities overall, better than the JBL Xtreme 3 and is a nice looking bit of kit.

Still, at this price I’d rather take the Minirigs or increase your budget, but if you’re looking for a simple, stylish, straight-forward outdoor party speaker for small gatherings, it’ll definitely do the trick. To be real, the Teufel Boomster XL is better in the basses and overall sound at a small size increase, but definitely less portable than the Rockster Cross and at that point I’d recommend the Aiwa Exos-9 instead.

Bonus: Teufel is a small German-based company – your dollar goes to them, not cheap Chinese remanufacturing.

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JBL Boombox 3 – Best ‘boombox’ style all-in-one speaker.

The JBL Partybox 300 right beside the Boombox 3

Update, Jul 2, 2022: The JBL Boombox 3 has launched 2022 now at $499 (Boombox 2 was $449)! Previously here was the JBL Boombox 2, but now the 3 takes its spot

In classic boombox form-factor, this speaker is definitely able to hit those low notes that dub/reggae demands and is nice to carry around with the handle. JBL makes good quality sound gear through and through and I was very surprised when I heard this speaker because I was expecting ‘typical Bluetooth speaker’ sound.

It’s straightforward, robust, reliable, no-frills, just good. If you don’t mind the size and weight, picking this one up isn’t too bad of an idea, but I’d personally get into more ‘professional’ level gear which does have better attributes and the JBL Boombox does teeter into the territory of not exactly portable (backpack or duffel bag). IT doesn’t have crazy high sound output, but it’s good enough for yourself and a few friends!

amazon logo png
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However, for a fraction of the price, the Tribit Stormbox Blast is exceedingly impressive and gets close to the JBL Boombox 3 – check it out!

  • JBL Boombox 2 specs
  • Condensed audio specs: 2 x 30w RMS drivers ( 2 x 4″ woofer, 2 x 0.75″ tweeter), max SPL ~109dB.
  • Portability specs: 5.9kg, okay for large bags, has handle.
  • Amazon link

Mid-sized portable Bluetooth speakers

Balanced in the sense of portability, weight, ease of use, sound quality, and sound output. These will usually fit in a large backpack, duffel bag, or easy enough to carry by hand for moderate distances.

HK Audio Premium Pro Move 8 – Most feature-rich portable speaker

I call it the best for portable PA for instruments, party, DJ, etc in a small form factor.

Now we’re getting into the serious pieces of gear. THIS is now big boy territory and one of the absolute best portable battery-powered Bluetooth speakers on the market. It’s more designed for professional live-sound with its set of RCA and XLR inputs, but also can pump beats at a very surprisingly loud level and great quality and overall sound extension. The mobile app opens up tons of potential for sound refinement and a big advantage for the sound nerds out there.

If there is one to get, it’s this one. Definitely pricy, you get what you pay for and this is excellent for those who are musicians, DJs, or music-heads who want a lot of versatility regarding sound. Still able to fit in a bag and easy enough to bring around, it’s a phenomenally well-engineered piece of tech.

Bonus: HK Audio is a small German-based company – your dollar goes to them, not cheap Chinese remanufacturing.

If you’re looking for something to win in a Bose S1 Pro vs (other) speaker competition, you’ve found the winner – this HK speaker beats the JBL Eon One Compact and Bose S1 pro 100% in a pure sound output, sound fidelity, and versatility point of view. It’s the complete winner without a doubt.

  • HK Audio Premium Pro Move 8 specs
  • Condensed audio specs: ~113dB max SPL, 1 x 8″ woofer, 1 x 1″ driver, 60w RMS output, sealed MDF enclosure, 2,5kHz crossover.
  • Portability specs: 8.5kg, okay for large bags, robust, would benefit from carry case.
  • Amazon link

EV E-verse 8 – Best performing portable PA

Electro-Voice is no newcomer to the PA world – lots of people adore their gear for being practical, well-performing, and well-priced. Their latest entry has really taken things to the next level and shames products other giant companies have put out.

The #1 compact out there now!

In this case, the new E-Verse 8 is the #1 best portable PA speaker to come out yet. It completely dominates and disgraces units like the Mackie Thump GO, Bose S1 Pro, and JBL Eon Compact.

Electro-Voice is an international brand so they should be available worldwide. You can find it on Amazon here.

E-Verse 81 x 8″, 1 x 1″115dB200W60Hz-20 kHz @-3dB16.8lbs/7.5kg$799

Bose S1 Pro – Best lightweight speaker for busking and parties

The Bose S1 Pro beside the Teufel Rockster Air – much smaller and lighter

I’m hesitant to add this to the list, but credit is due where credit is due and the Bose S1 Pro sounds pretty nice! I was very surprised by the bass extension, clarity, and overall experience with the S1 Pro. Inputs & outputs for live instruments or mics, a professional presentation, and sound quality which really did pleasantly surprise me at first.

However, the EV E-verse 8 is absolutely better than the Bose S1 Pro, though a few hundred more in cost.

Truthfully, you’re better off with a Rockster Air or the HK Audio Premium Pro Move 8, but I would be a liar if I said this speaker is bad. It’s not the loudest but it has a very nice frequency response, 2 input channels for XLR/RCA instruments, thorough engineering, and is surprisingly light and easy to carry around. Set it and forget it if you don’t want to play around with sound settings (like my mom).

amazon logo png
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When it comes to Bose S1 Pro vs Partybox 300, it’s not quite a comparison in the sound quantity department – the S1 Pro is half the weight and size and can’t put out nearly as much as the Partybox 300 or Partybox 310. Again – physics is the limiter here and you’re better off with the 300 or 310.

  • Bose S1 Pro specs
  • Condensed audio specs: ~103dB, 3 channel mixer, RCA & TRS input, Bluetooth
  • Portability specs: 7.1kg, fine for large bags, carry case is great, pretty light and compact!
  • Amazon link

Teufel Rockster Air 2 – Best portable speaker for techno & 4/4 music

The Teufel Rockster Air right beside the Soundboks – same weight, smaller size, smaller sound, smaller price.

The Teufel Rockster Air 1 was great, but in the summer Teufel dropped the Rockster Air 2 – a bigger, heavier

The Teufel Rockster Air 2 puts out a pretty great amount of mids/highs and has fairly decent bass response, though for anything playing frequencies below what techno and house does, you might be a little bit miffed and hoping for a bit more, but it puts out nice SPL (sound-pressure levels) and it’s another versatile and near-professional level device.

To be clear, the Rockster Air 2 outperforms the JBL Partybox 310 in maximum output and battery life and I prefer it, though availability is tough as it’s mostly found in EU. The Partybox has better deep bass response.

It’s also rather heavy and not my first pick overall, however for sound reinforcement for highs and mids it definitely does great. It does have a shoulder-based carry strap but with its hefty mass, it teeters into the territory of not easily portable.

Bonus: Teufel is a small German-based company – your dollar goes to them, not cheap Chinese remanufacturing.

amazon logo png
Currently 15% off on Amazon
  • Teufel Rockster Air specs
  • Condensed audio specs: 1″ tweeter, 10″ woofer, max SPL ~116 dB, MDF enclosure.
  • Portability specs: 14.5kg, needs large bag (duffel bag or similar), has shoulder strap, very robust.
  • Amazon link

Most powerful portable speakers

Not compromising on sound quality, weight, size – these are the most powerful outdoor Bluetooth party speakers. You may need a mini-cart or trolley to lug some of these around.

Soundboks (gen 3) – Most well-rounded powerful battery powered speaker

Soundboks 2 is more bass-heavy, Soundboks 3 with clearer sound across the spectrum.

These things are pretty impressive. I’ve seen and been in groups of ~50+ dancing away to a single one of these. They have good basses, good mids, good highs. They certainly perform best for techno and 4/4-oriented music and the sub-basses are pretty lost when it comes to deep trap/dub-style electronic music. There is inputs for XLR and TRS for instruments but limited on-board EQ for that.

Criticism aside, these things cost a lot of money, and that’s because marketing costs a ton. Truthfully, you can really get better sound and performance from other speakers and I’d personally take 2 x dB Technologies B-Hypes or similar over 1 of these for stereo sound.

But the overall package of the Soundboks is excellent – robust, looks ‘professional’, super easy to use, terrific battery, and gets those feet stomping. A touch overpriced but still a great investment.

Bonus: Soundboks is a small Danish-based company – your dollar goes to them, not cheap Chinese remanufacturing.

People are looking to compare the JBL Partybox 1000 vs Soundboks 3 which is a hard comparison. Without a doubt, the JBL Partboxy 1000 has better audio than the Soundboks, however it also weighs twice as much. Same story when it comes to the Teufel Rockster vs Soundboks – you compromise max SPL and that deep bass in exchange for portability.

  • Soundboks 3 tech specs
  • Condensed audio specs: 1″ tweeter, 2 x 10″ woofer, 216w RMS, max SPL ~117 dB, poplar enclosure.
  • Portability specs: 15,4kg, needs trolley or giant bag or the backpack cage accessory, very robust.
  • Soundboks store link (Amazon store link here)

dB Technologies B-Hype Mobile BT – Best solo musician battery powered PA system

Minirigs and dB B Hype Mobile 10 1
The dB B-Hype Mobile BT is best for busking, solo musicians, or DJing with a microphone as a must. I pair it with Minirigs a bit more oomph.

The most compact and portable heavy hitter from the group, I’d hop for this if you’re looking for a professional portable party speaker that is also excellent for sound reinforcement, live sound (XLR, RCA input), connecting instruments, microphones, and so forth. A 1″ compression driver and 10″ woofer affords it lots of air movement and a high nominal SPL. The EQ options are limited (high & low adjust +-10dB) though.

The frequency response in balanced, neutral, and hits pretty hard. Very well priced and really solid performance portable speakers, there’s few things not to like about the B-Hype Mobile speaker. Setup in a 2-way system, this is definitely enough for proper DJ, live performance, and any other scenario you can think of. The wireless microphone/headset is a big selling point for musicians or professional applications.

Bonus: dB technologies is a small Italian-based company – your dollar goes to them, not cheap Chinese remanufacturing.

db technologies
View current store price here
amazon logo png
Currently 15% off on Amazon
  • dB B-Hype Mobile BT tech specs
  • Condensed audio specs: .1″ tweeter, 1 x 10″ woofer, 100 watts RMS, max SPL ~117 dB, MDF enclosure.
  • Portability specs: 12,5kg, needs very large bag to carry, quite heavy, has wheels, very robust.
  • Store link

Teufel Rockster – Absolute best sounding and loudest portable speaker

Far louder, far heavier, and far less portable, the Teufel Rockster vs Soundboks 3 is no comparison in all ways.

This is the omega big-daddy. No doubt, it’s the absolute best-sounding, heaviest-hitting, most powerful Bluetooth battery-powered speaker out there. It’s also the heaviest, loudest, and not exactly ‘portable’ in the sense that you can carry it easily. This thing blows the Soundboks out of the water for the same price and can put out serious amounts of sound. It’s the closest thing to a portable festival setup out there. There’s a pretty comprehensive in/out panel for audio connection.

However, it has wheels on the bottom for a reason. This behemoth is not portable in your conventional sense and it sucks power very quickly. In fact, at peak volume you’re only getting ~45 minutes of sound until it’s flat. It is designed to hook up to a deep cycle AGM car battery which is a seriously awesome feature and again, this is the closest thing to a professional festival setup that you can get without a generator.

Bonus: Teufel is a small German-based company – your dollar goes to them, not cheap Chinese remanufacturing.

amazon logo png
Currently 18% off on Amazon

It’s a bit benign to compare the Soundboks 3 vs Teufel Rockster – the Soundboks is about half the weight and is far easier to carry around. However, they are just about the same price and you get a lot more sound from the Rockster.

  • Teufel Rockster tech specs
  • Condensed audio specs: .1″ tweeter, 1 x 15″ woofer, 440 watts RMS, max SPL ~126 dB, MDF enclosure.
  • Portability specs: 31,5kg, needs trolley and multiple people or a strong person to move, very robust.
  • Amazon link

JBL Eon One MK2 – Best line array battery powered PA system

Benefits of a column array – sound separation

A battery powered line array setup – Eon One Pro is actually portable and best suited for live sound and people serious about sound. A dedicated 10″ subwoofer and 8 x 2″ drivers in a line-array setup, it offers excellent sound, great projection, and actually in a package that you can carry (for a bit) and tons of input for instruments (4 channels & mixer).

Don’t be fooled – the brilliant tweeter stack folds into the unit for a portable package.

4 separate inputs for instruments & equipment makes this terrific for the professional users and small bands/groups. If you’re looking for throwing a live performance or sound-focused thing, I’d pick this one up in a heartbeat and a pair of 2 will weigh the same as a Teufel Rockster while offering L/R stereo sound.

The downside? The giant $1200 pricetag which puts it up against the Soundboks 3 and Teufel Rockster air.

The 4-channel input and mixer makes it the best choice for portable bands.

amazon logo png
Currently 23% off on Amazon
  • JBL Eon One MK2 tech specs
  • Condensed audio specs: 6 x 2″ drivers, 1 x 8″ subwoofer, 400 watts RMS, 119dB max SPL, ABS enclosure.
  • Portability specs: 19kg, can be carried, carry case has wheels.
  • Store link

Yorkville EXM series – Best professional PA speakers

Canadian-based Yorkville has released a whole array of awesome PA speakers for professional use. In their Excursion-series catalogue is:

ProductDriversSPL PowerResponseWeightPrice
EXM Mobile2 x 6’5″, 1 x 1″115dB60W70 – 20k(Hz +/-3dB)19.5lbs/8.9kg$540
EXM Mobile 81 x 8″, 1 x 1″117dB200W60 – 20K (Hz +/-3dB)17lbs/7.75kg$849
EXM Mobile 121 x 12″, 1 x 1″120dB60W65 – 18k (Hz +/-3dB)35lbs/15.9kg$1,069
EXM Mobile Sub2 x 8″118dB100W47Hz-100Hz +/-3 dB30lbs/13.6kg$1,549
EXM ProSub2 x 10″122dB500W47Hz-100Hz +/-3 dB67lbs/30.5kg$899
EXM Mobile Sub with EXM 8 – compact and ready to go!

All of these options are excellent and there are a few reasons why Yorkville is at the very top of this list:

  • Separate subwoofer – this leads to better response, speaker placement, and overall performance
  • Professionally made – designed for tough use and reliable operation
  • Made in Canada – ethically produced and supports local business

True wireless stereo, all the pro XLR, TRS, Bluetooth connectivity, mixing, control, etc – it’s really all you could need.

Sourcing these units may be hard. I see them available mostly in Canada and the US from Long & Mcquade and Sweetwater.

JBL Partybox 300 and 310 – Best mid-size Bluetooth party speaker

The Partybox 300 & 310 are right in the middle of pro gear and portable party.

Getting into the heavy territory, at ~15kg these are definitely getting into the too heavy/large territory unless you’re a pretty jacked up person. With that being said, I was very impressed with the sound quality, bass output, and overall experience with the JBL Partybox 310 and it has some connections for instruments/vocals, but is a little limited (EQ) compared to more professional options.

Gimmicky as it may be, the lightshow on the front is really nice for those darker environments or at nighttime, unless you carry your own portable DJ light system. Still, it’s a very straightforward and easy to use Bluetooth speaker and really does bring the party. However, I would actually rather choose the dB Technologies B-Hype Mobile or Teufel Rockster Air instead.

amazon logo png
Currently 15% off on Amazon
  • JBL Partybox 300 specs
  • Condensed audio specs: 2 x 6.5″ woofer, 3 x 2.5″ driver, ~120w RMS output, ~113dB max SPL.
  • Portability specs: ~16kg, fine for large bags, but very heavy and not fun to carry over long distances.
  • Amazon link

JBL Partybox 710 – best all-in-one loud party speaker

Removed as it’s not battery powered, leaving it up for the sound information.

Not battery powered

Another big gun, it’s between this, the Teufel Rockster, and Soundboks 3 for real party scenarios. The Partybox 710 has a few gimmicks which you might actually love like the lightshow, karaoke mode, etc. It has 2 * 2.75″ compression mid-high drivers and 2 x 8″ mid-low drivers in a ported enclosure. If you’re a strong person you can carry around, but remember that 28kg (62lbs!) of mass.

I was doubtful at first honestly, but it’s one of the best party Bluetooth speakers out there… that is if you can handle the weight and size. The bass extension is deeper and more full than the Soundboks 3, making it better for hiphop, trap, and other bass-heavy music. It doesn’t quite beat out the Teufel Rockster however.

If you’re trying to decide between the JBL Partybox 710 vs Soundboks 3, I’d just hop for the Soundboks – it’s far more portable, has fairly good sound, and is just an easier to carry around package. Only hop for the Partybox 710 if you don’t mind the cumbersome transport and 28kg of weight but really want the light show.

  • JBL Partybox 710 tech specs
  • Condensed audio specs: .2 x 2.75″ compression driver, 2 x 8″ mid woofers, ~800w RMS,
    35Hz-20kHz (-6dB), ~110dB SPL
  • Portability specs: 28kg, has hidden wheels and handle, very large and heavy, not suitable for bags, clunky to transport.
  • Amazon link

Heaviest bass portable speakers.

Bass is an incredibly difficult thing to do outdoors – you need a lot of power and size from the speaker to move that amount of air. I always recommend to prop your speaker up in a corner, beside a thick tree, or something to help reflect those bass notes for a better listening experience. Check out the full best battery powered subwoofers list for all the portable subwoofers out there!

Diamondboxx PASUB15 – best battery powered subwoofers

Diamondboxx-PASUB15 battery powered subwoofer
One of the only proper battery powered subwoofers on the market

The PASUB15 hits the market at a fair $550 USD and houses a 15″ 300W RMS (600W peak) subwoofer. User-adjustable crossover and in a wooden enclosure, it all seems too good to be true and then you notice the weight coming in at a thick 59lbs/27kg.

Diamondboxx tells me a lot of this mass comes from the 12V 40AH SLA battery (~32lbs) and if someone was so inclined it could be swapped out for a lighter lithium battery (~13lbs). Lithium cells of this size are way more expensive (~$450 vs ~$120) so it makes sense why they packed in a heavier and cheaper cell.

Regardless, you get a dedicated, powerful, portable subwoofer for a very reasonable price. Paired with their new 10 or 15″ battery powered PA speakers, it really seems to be a killer combo and terrific price for the performance – I haven’t heard the units but I trust Diamondboxx to put out a quality product. I’d buy this, swap out the battery, and add 2 battery powered PA speakers (with crossover) over a Teufel Rockster or Partybox1000 any day of the week.

Bonus: Diamondboxx is a small US-based company – your dollar goes to them, not cheap Chinese remanufacturing.

amazon logo png
Currently 15% off on Amazon

Diamondboxx Sub 8.2

Diamondboxx Sub-8.2 with a Diamondboxx L3 on top – heavy, powerful, all about the bass.

The only other battery-powered subwoofers out there (aside from the Minirig Sub3), this thing is a dedicated 2 * 8″ ported subwoofer and all about bass-business. It hits those low notes like nothing else on this list (and better than the Teufel Rockster), but of course you need separate mid/high speakers to fill it in, because it’s literally only a subwoofer.

amazon logo png
Currently 25% off on Amazon

Heavy, attractive, and with that homemade aesthetic, this is the thing you want to pair with 2 portable high-end units (like the Rockster Air or HK Audio Pro Move 8) for that full setup and a guerilla stage. At 18kg/40lbs it’s not even that bad considering how heavy subwoofers & batteries usually are.

It’s being released just now and I wish I could get my hands on one – unfortunately I’m overseas however I’m 100% confident that this monster will outperform any portable bass speaker on the market. Pair it with some battery powered PA speakers and set some crossovers and you’ll have a real rave-ready hitter. They’re set to launch in August 2021 at $949 which is a fair price.

Bonus: Diamondboxx is a small US-based company – your dollar goes to them, not cheap Chinese remanufacturing.

Minirig Sub3 – smallest battery powered subwoofer

Two subwoofers connected to the Minirig 3s.

Small as a 2L bottle and weighing in at less than 1kg, it’s a small portable bass bin which offers excellent sound considering the size. I won’t pretend like it’s the end all and be all for bass, and large rooms/outdoors will still benefit from larger drivers. Regardless, it has aux input and output so you can daisy-chain multiple speakers or subwoofers. It’s versatile, has ~4 hour runtime on max power (seemingly endless on low volume), and as portable as a portable subwoofer can be.

You absolutely can use it with other Bluetooth speakers however you need to figure out a way to feed it Aux (3.5mm) input. It’s designed to be used with the Minirig 3 so it’s best to stay in the family. Check out my full Minirig Subwoofer 3 review here for more on it.

Bonus: Minirigs is a small UK-based company – your dollar goes to them, not cheap Chinese remanufacturing.

  • Minirig Sub3 tech specs
  • Condensed audio specs: 1 x 3″ subwoofer, ported aluminum enclosure, 30 watts RMS, 100dB max SPL.
  • Portability specs: 875g, size of a 2L bottle, recycled hemp carrying case with mesh covers.
  • Amazon link
?u=https%3A%2F%2Flirp.cdn website.com%2Fa2192854%2Fdms3rep%2Fmulti%2Fopt%2Flogo black 800x266 452w
View current Amazon price here


Honestly it’s hard to say what’s the best portable speaker for your specific use-case. Mini-rave? Mega-portable? Ultra-loud?

Regardless, surely you’ll find the right device for your needs. If you have any questions or thoughts or comments please drop them down below and I’ll integrate or reply to you ASAP šŸ™‚

I’ll leave a slew of resources down below of sound test comparisons from channels and webpages that I like.

Finally, check out my best battery powered subwoofers list for bass, my best battery powered DJ lights for adding ambience, and my battery-powered portable DJ setup for mobile partying unrestricted from power!

Sound tests of some of the speakers listed below

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  • (2024) the REAL Best portable Bluetooth speakers – battery powered beasts!

    (2024) the REAL Best portable Bluetooth speakers – battery powered beasts!

  • Battery-powered DJ setup MEGAGUIDE – Controllers, lights, and speakers!

    Battery-powered DJ setup MEGAGUIDE – Controllers, lights, and speakers!

  • (2023) Best battery powered subwoofers – Portability is now an option.

    (2023) Best battery powered subwoofers – Portability is now an option.

44 thoughts on “(2024) the REAL Best portable Bluetooth speakers – battery powered beasts!”

  1. Hi,

    is your MINIRIG setup suited for small techno/proggy/hardstyle/goa party on a river where the ground is stony?
    The place is only reachable by bicycle or boat, so too hard to transport heavy gear like a SoundBoks3 or JBL Boombox.
    At first I looked into Soundcore 2 and Motion+, because it looks more resistent against dirt and water.
    I’m very similar to you with your bike, but no DJ.

    Maybe you have some suggestions or recommendations you want to share.

    Thank you very much.

  2. I am looking for one or two extra speakers to use as a mobile DJ for monitor / additional speaker purpose.
    Which of both would you choose given both are within budget? The EV E-verse 8 or the HK Audio Move 8?

    • Certainly would go for the E-Verse 8 – EV is known for their DJ and live sound equipment. The Pro Move 8 would be better for busking or if light and small is preferable

  3. Which of both would you choose given both are within budget for a mobile DJ as monitor / extra speakers: The EV E-verse 8 or the HK Audio Move 8?

  4. in addition to my previous comment:

    Audiocase (swedish – born from crowdsourcing, like soundboks) have 2 models almost like soundboks3 & soundboks go – so how about 1 s10 or 2xs5’s vs multiple minirigs. max budget Ā£800 ish

    • I looked into Audiocase a while ago and I think it’s better suited for busking/musicians due to that connectivity. I’m sure it has good sound, but doesn’t seem as rugged or ‘throwable’ as the Soundboks. Would like to hear it side by side!

  5. Thanks a lot James, bookmarked your site to share with friends. Thank you for reviews of outdoor battery powered sound options. Just returned soundboks gen3 (Ā£850) for refund, having measured its max to be only 88db.

    Pls advise – wondering if output similar to soundbok3 (both sound & bass) in outdoor settings with multiple “Minirig 3 Kits” can be achieved?
    No skaa for lagless but dont mind wiring a few Minirig3 Kits together, if they can deliver a single soundboks3 output. (1 kit = 2 x minrig3 speakers + 1 subwoofer)

    Assuming you may have tested multiple minirig3 kits together and it would save me from ordering (and returning, if it doesnt perform) multiple items from minirig. TIA

    • Hey, it’s possible, but you’d spend SO much money on Minirigs just to match the output of the SB3 it wouldn’t be worth it.

      You would really have to play a lot with placement – create a sort of line-array (which requires quite a bit of testing, and the subs would have a similar issue.It’s possible, not IMO not worth it. The lack of easy onboard EQ of the minirigs (apps aren’t refinable enough) also adds another step.

      Instead perhaps the JBL Eon Pro MK2 would be better – self-contained line-array with separate sub, on-board EQ.

      I have 3 Minirig 3s and 2 Minirig Sub3s – Love em but couldn’t see the purpose of more because of cost.

  6. dB Technologies B-Hypes aren’t Bluetooth, and don’t have batteries – do they fit on a list of portable Bluetooth speakers…?

    A lot of the Amazon links go to the wrong page for the speaker in that section, FYI.

    • the B-Hype M is battery powered and has Bluetooth – I would know, I had one (and quite liked it!)

      Thanks 4 the info on the amazon links going to the wrong page – amazon switches their shizz up often so I often have to correct it…

  7. thanks for the detailed writeup! if you’d have to choose for the most high fidelity system for normal listening in the garden most of the time with low lows and sometimes a dnb or psytranceparty outside with 20 people where I’m willing to lose some bass extension at higher volumes, what would you pick? hifi sound at normal listening volume is the priority. thanks!

  8. You are forgetting Vifa, best sounding battery speakers ever made (not the most powerful although for example Oslo is similar in power and size to the Minrig 3 2.1)…

    • Vifa makes good gear but doesn’t make the absolute best or beat anything in this category for the intended purposes of party – Better for at home and light portable use

    • If you’re able to get the 3-in-1 system then go for the Yorkville (the sub helps a bunch!).

      Otherwise 2 x HK Move 8. They both have good output and sound quality with plenty of EQ and processing to help you tune them (especially spoken word)

  9. James, what’s your take on combining the Soundboks Gen3 with the Diamondboxx Sub8.2? You’d have to tether it, but I think that would be a neat situation without the need for a power outlet for the day. Thoughts? Grab an extra fully charged battery for the Soundboks, Soundbox backpack, and turn the Diamondboxx Sub8.2 on for those instances when you want people to hear that extra bass (just not the whole time that the Soundboks is on so it can keep up with the battery duration of the Soundboks). In theory, I think that would be intriguing in the sense of portability and battery usage, but I’d like to hear your thoughts or share the feedback of people that actually own and use these two items. Thank you.

    • Would be a good idea but I think I would rather have left/right stereo before getting a subwoofer for a 1.1 setup.

      Therefor 2x Soundboks and then a sub – the fidelity from stereo sound would be better than deeper hits.

      Alternatively 2x dB Tech B-Hype M as the L/R channels and the Sub 8.2 for sub frequencies! šŸ™‚

  10. Hi James. Is the soundcore motion boom plus a good speaker to DJ small gatherings? Does it have any latency issues when connected via aux input?

  11. Heyy! Thanks for your article!
    I want to do outdoor raves with the Biggest crowd possible to attract with the Sound.

    –>> Should I pick the dB Hype Mobile or the HK audio move 8?
    –>> Which one can you hear more far away?

    Which one has more bass? Which one is better for EDM Raves outdoors?

    Does the db Audio wheels go well? Easy to transport? Which one is better to transport by foot?

    Cheers from Berlin,
    Thanks in Advance


    • B-Hype M for sure.

      It has much higher output, much better bass extension, and better for raves. Move:8 is better for easy access to busking and fine-tuning audio.

      The wheels are okay but not the best. On smooth surfaces its great but rough surfaces not useful. Still easy enough to transport by hand if you’re okay with carrying 12kg. Move:8 is easier to transport overall though

  12. Hello! Thank you for the great article. What is your opinion on Roland Cube Street Ex that I already have. I used it for busking but I am trying to do outdoor mobile DJing. What do you recommend to get more? Should I still include Cube or sell it and buy something else? I am located in Boston, MA.

    • I’ve seen plenty of these any they’re not bad, especially since you can swap out AAs on the fly.

      Personally I would go for something like the DB Technologies B-Hype M if it’s available near you – definitely blows it out of the water. Otherwise the JBL Partybox 100 or 300 would be a good upgrade.

  13. Thank you for this article!

    I have a bit of a dilemma on my hands. I have LOVED my Exos-9 for years; however, the battery has given out and I’m unable to locate one at this moment. I purchased a Hyperboom for beach use which is nice; however, it is lacking in the sub-bass due to using passive radiators instead of an actual subwoofer (I listen to EDM/Techno/House). The clarity/dynamic range is also not comparable to the Aiwa.

    I was looking at ‘replacements’ for the Aiwa and became a bit discouraged because most of these bluetooth speakers are using a woofer instead of a subwoofer. Do you think the party box 110 would be a valid replacement? Or is there a different speaker you’d recommend? I’m really bummed Aiwa didn’t evolve the Exos-9 as there doesn’t seem to be many options like it.

    Thanks for your help!

    • Yeah a dedicated subwoofer to handle those frequencies is a must IMO.

      I would look towards the Minirig speakers or the better JBL (310 or above) speakers for sub-basses.

  14. Hey bro! What an incredible article! Thank you so much!

    I cant seem to find any comparisons out there between the

    HK Audio Premium Pro Move 8
    JBL EON One Compact
    Bose SP1 Pro

    What in your opinion is the best out of the three for sound quality?

    And you still think a minirig with minisub is a better option than the all in one for best sound? At low levels and also loud…

    Much gratitude bro!!!

    • Heyhey!

      I found the Pro Move:8 to absolutely without a doubt to be the best of the three. S1 Pro and Eon One are a tie since they each have different strengths & weaknesses.

      The three above speakers do get a bit louder than the MR3 + Sub but also not nearly as light/portable. I absolutely prefer 2 x MR3 and Sub over any of the others for pure listening, while the other 3 are better for live sound/busking/application – but since they’re all mono speakers they fall flat when it comes to quality & soundstaging vs the stereo Minirig setup

      Glad to help šŸ™‚

  15. I love the focus on portability, djing, and sound! So glad to have found your page. How did you order the Teufel speakers? I am based in Oregon and looking to put together a mobile DJ setup. I have the prime go currently. Would like to know more about your experience with gatherings at the park! Sounds so fun

    • BTW, I have heard 2 motion boom sound really great when synced with tws for stereo use. I am getting a Bluetooth transmitter for the audio out on the prime go for a mini dj rig backup. Then pair 2 boom for full stereo and twice the watts. You can get the anker speakers refurbished for a very low price.

    • Hey man, glad it helps! šŸ˜€

      I live in EU so the Teufel speakers are easily available – idk which places in NA sell them.

      Since you’re in Oregan, check out Diamonboxx audio – they have battery powered 10 and 15″ speakers and 15″ battery powered subwoofer – I think they’d be perfect for your situation ;D

      • so happy to have found this article. I went through it many times.

        also thank you for answering people questions! what a god!

        was wondering if you would recommend the diamondbox pa15 over the b-hype m?

  16. Thank you James! I was looking for some good recs online by someone who knew their shit and luckily I foung this blog post. Definitely getting some minirigs as soon as I have some disposable cash!

  17. Hi thanks for the article. Iā€™d, like to point out that adding 3db does not sound like a double of volume. To increase by 3db requires a doubling of input power, but the human ear will not perceive this as being twice as loud. To make the audio sound about twice as loud will take about an extra 10db.


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