review: Moon Tarp by Ticket To The Moon – excellent value!

In this Ticket To The Moon Moon Tarp review I’m going to cover all the things about build quality, materials, comparisons to other tarps, and my overall opinions.

Coming in at just about $79, this Moon Tarp review will consider this price point when giving it my final grading.


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A 210T PU-coated Ripstop Nylon, it’s a very robust and waterproof material. Significantly stronger than that found on the Lightest Tarp, I certainly give more trust to this tarp than other ultralight tarps out there.

It has a 2.5m x 2.5m footprint, or 3.5m diagonally. (8.1 ft x 8.1ft, or 11.5ft diagonally, for the Imperial measurement lovers out there).

A 2000mm water-column rating is stout and will see you protected even in the thickest rainstorms (the Eno ProFly is only rated for 1000mm)

ticket to the moon tarp build quality
Excellent stitching, reinforcements, and fastening system

The shock cords, buckles, and even carrying case all feel high-quality and my unit had no manufacturing defects, as would be expected.

Good quality shock cords, buckles, and the carrying pouch are all of top quality and my unit had zero defects (as one would expect).

For a mid-range tarp it really covers all that I want and the fact that most tarps in this price point don’t have an adjustable shock cord system, this brings the Moon Tarp above the others.

Ease of set-up and teardown

I’m impressed by the speedy setup facilitated by the shock cords. It eliminates the requirement for a separate guyline and toggles. Although it may only seem save a few minutes in total, I’ve discovered that it alleviates a great deal of hassle. Additionally, during unexpected rain showers, every second really is critical.

Really this is a massive selling point IMO and allows you to get the perfect tarp setup with much, much less annoyance. I can never go back to a rudimentary system now after using the TTTM setup!

The guylines store away into this small pouch and take second to setup around a tree.

Moreover, the carrying pouch is spacious enough to double as a stuff sack, allowing for a hassle-free packing method—simply stuff the tarp into the pouch without the need for complicated folding and rolling. This feature saves a couple more minutes.

To be honest, I have developed a deep appreciation for simplicity when it comes to setting up and tearing down my campsite. The less frustration involved, the better. That’s precisely why I switched to the TTTM Lightest Straps and Pro Hammock setup. After a demanding journey, when exhaustion sets in, I prefer to avoid dealing with buckles, friction ties, quick-release loops, and tangled ropes.

In this regard, the Lightest Tarp excels in terms of user-friendliness and a huge reason why I love TTTM gear.


At aprox. 660g (1.5lbs) it’s quite a light tarp but not ultralight. This weight includes stakes, shock cords, etc. This is definitely light and my previous budget 3×3 tarp ( 3×3 Thermo Tarp) came in at 750g, not including stakes, ropes, etc.

The Lightest Tarp is 40% lighter and takes up ~50% less space.

It packs down into a reasonably small size, however the Lightest Tarp is clearly a lot more compact at just around half the size and a good weight reduction. The Moon Tarp takes up about 2L of volume, where the lightest tarp barely 1L of volume.

At 660 grams for the Moon Tarp and 400 grams for the Lightest Tarp, you can see why I opt for the Lightest Tarp more often.

2L volume is about as small and light as you’re going to get at this price point without going for a smaller 2m x 2m tarp, which, would compromise too much water protection IMO.


While you sacrifice durability for ultralight gear, this tarp is in the lightweight category and has a lot of structural strength compared to UL tarps.

Protection from abrasion, the shearing forces of wind, and falling branches will be a non-issue with this tarp. UV damage is still possible if you’re going to be pitching this tarp long-term in direct sunlight, though it’ll still fare better than thinner UL and Dyneema-based tarps.

Pretty much spotless – a fine tarp indeed!

While I’ve only had this tarp for a half year and used a few dozen times, based off the durability of my Lightest Tarp, I anticipate this tarp to also hold up very well.

The reinforced tie-outs, strong seams, and top-notch materials really leaves me feeling comfortable and safe bringing this on an expedition anywhere.

There is also a 10-year limited warranty to defects and such, and Ticket To The Moon so far has a pretty great reputation for service and company ethics.

Other talking points

I would’ve liked to see the inclusion of an extra tie-out and stake though and a repair kit like they include on their Lightest Tarp.

With that in mind, I don’t expect to have to ever use it with this tarp given its durability, but still, would be nice to have just in case!

ticket to the moon moontarp review
I adore the easy carabiner and tightening system.

I’ve mentioned this in my other TTTM hammock reviews I’ve done so I’ll just paste what’s from that:

I like a company which has a nice moral compass and ethical standing. From what I can tell as an outsider, they seem to be really solid. All of their hammocks are made in Indonesia – where the company was started and is still headquartered.

They were the first to popularize the travel hammock concept and back up their reputation with a 10 year warranty. I appreciate that.

Also, they have their own foundation, employ locals, offer fair salaries, and overall I have good feelings from them. Maybe I’ve been bamboozled by outward appearances, but until I hear anything else, TTTM sits in my heart as a positive company.

Big thumbs up!

TTTM gear in generally costs a bit more than competitors due to their quality control, marketing, and material costs. I don’t find they cut corners at all and even their packaging & manuals are nice and sustainable.

I love how the shock cords/guy lines never get tangled due to the internal pockets – no matter how meticulous I am with wrapping up my ropes, I often end up with little tangles and annoyances with regular tarps.

Ticket To The Moon Amazon store link


Excellent for the price! I’d highly recommend this to beginners who aren’t able to fork out the cash for the more expensive Lightest Tarp. At $79 though it’s a no-brainer.

With that being said I still prefer the Lightest Tarp as it has held up under severe thunderstorms, is quite a bit smaller and lighter (440g vs 660g and half the pack size), and has the same excellent setup and adjustment system.

Great paired with my TTTM Pro Hammock original

There are definitely cheaper tarps out there with less features, however you get what you pay for and when it comes to something as critical as rain protection, it’s best to spend your money!

You can’t go wrong with a TTTM product – I have several pieces of gear from them and they’ve all held up great.

Edit: I have a TTTM Discount code for 10% off any order! It should work for their global website. Use code NOMAD10

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Ticket To The Moon Tarp
ticket to the moon tarp review tttm rain fly

A practical tarp which is very easy to use and has great performance metrics.

Product Brand: Ticket To The Moon

Editor's Rating:


  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Durable


  • No repair kit

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