5 best Camping Hammocks in Europe – small list

There are a few hammock camping manufacturers in Europe which have caught the eyes and attention of myself and friends. Here’s a quick shortlist and guide to help you identify the best camping hammocks and accessories in Europe.

This list will have companies which are in my opinion sustainable, ethical, and worth promoting – no cheap camping hammocks on Amazon! They’ll either be based in EU/UK or have operations in either/or with good business practices.

In EU I really like to use Bergfreunde as a retailer as they have a great selection, nice customer service, and fair prices. Check out their catalogue and see if anything these snatches your interests!

Ticket To The Moon – Best overall camping hammocks

tttm logo

A Ticket To The Moon king size hammock was my first hammock and I still absolutely love it to this day. While they’re not based in Europe (based in Bali), they have most of their online & retail presence here in Europe.

The TTTM Pro Hammock and Travel Hammocks are terrific and everything from the build, ease of use, and comfort are top notch. Can’t recommend them enough and their Lightest Tarp is my new favorite bit of kit. I would say that TTTM hammocks are a bit more expensive than other brands out there, however I’ve not had a single problem with their gear and I like their companies mission.

Feel free to use my affiliate discount code to save 10% off Ticket To The Moon hammocks here: TTTM-James0548

Ticket To The Moon website

TTTM on Amazon

Amazonas hammocks – Best camping hammocks for use with sleeping mat

blue Amazonas logo

Based in Germany, Amazonas at first glance seems to offer lifestyle & home-style hammocks, but a quick glance at their Amazon page will show you their adventure & camping hammocks.

Units like the Adventure Hero XXL Ultralight hammock and Moskito travel hammock are definitely worth looking into – particularly if you’d rather use a sleeping pad rather than an underquilt as their ‘Thermo’ line of hammocks are designed with an extra layer to fit a sleeping pad in.

A very good company with very generous policies and a nice story, Amazonas hammocks are certainly worthy of being on this list.

AMAZONAS Moskito Traveller XXL
the Amazonas Moskito Traveller XXL

Amazonas hammocks website

Amazonas on Amazon

Bushmen hammocks – Best budget camping hammocks

logo buhmenk

Based in Poland with most operations towards North & Eastern Europo, Bushmen.pl makes really affordable, high-quality, well thought-out hammock camping gear. I’m really fond of their 3×3 Thermo Tarp (which saved our ass during our Sächsische Schweiz mishap…) but their hammocks and underquilts are also worth looking into.

They’re heavily focused on ultralight and survival-style equipment and I’d have not a since hesitation ordering from them again. Doing currency conversion reveals their very fair prices and they also have a lot of good ultralight camping accessories available.

the Bushmen Bushbed hammock

Bushmen hammock camping website

Bushmen hammocks on Amazon

DD Hammocks – Best versatile camping hammocks


Based out of the UK with presence also in EU and NA, DD hammocks has been around since 2005 and has always made high-quality, well-priced gear focused on enthusiasts. In fact, the DD hammocks are about as reasonably priced as you can imagine and brings a ton of features to the market.

Camping hammocks, ultralight tents, tarps, bug nets, and so forth – all the gear from DD Hammocks is made especially for adventurers. While not as ultralight as some offerings, pieces like the DD SuperLight Jungle hammock are incredible modular/versatile. The fact you can use a hammock also as a bivy is impressive in its own right and they’re full ready for rough conditions.

DD XL MC Frontline Hammock 05 gallery
the DD Hammocks XL Frontline hammock

DD hammocks website

DD hammocks on Amazon

Amok – Best flat laying hammocks

100 svart utenTM

The Norweigans know what they’re doing, and the Amok hammocks get a lot of publicity because of their very unique design. Rather than a typical hammock, they employ a triangular shaped design to allow the user to find that flat lay much easier.

With that in mind, Amok hammocks are quite expensive and weigh about twice as much as your usual candidates. However, they’re packed full of features, definitely have a different comfort level, and are of course built up to Norweigan standards.

The Amok Draumr 3.0 Hammock is oriented at a 90 degree angle to its suspension system

Amok Hammocks website

What about other cheap hammocks on Amazon?

Don’t do it! Trust me – so many of those Chinese cheap camping hammocks on Amazon use cheap materials, generic construction, and poor performance. They’re usually too small for camping duties, include poor quality suspension, and you’ll regret trying to sleep in one.

Invest in something good and support a quality company! Vote with your dollar as they say.

cheap camping hammocks on Amazon
Don’t buy the no-name cheap camping hammocks on Amazon!


Personally, I always prioritize sleep comfort over weight. I use my Ticket To The Moon king size hammock over anything whenever I can as it’s the biggest lightweight camping hammock on the market.

Definitely consider something with a bugnet, integrated or not. Use high quality hammock suspension (like the Lightest Straps) and don’t forget that you’ll need a hammock tarp for when it rains.

Buy once, cry once, they say. I agree – buying cheap gear will make you regret it in the long run when you either have a dodgy night of sleep or malfunctioning gear. Sleep is about one of the most important things – especially when hiking or adventuring. Support a good brand and your mental health!

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