My best places to eat in Rijeka – restaurants and bakeries!

After living in Rijeka I’ve curated my small list of the best places to eat in Rijeka!

This list is 100% unpaid and I just love to share my favorite businesses which have given good services, prices, and of course, food.

I’m not a food snob – I’m a young guy with a thin wallet and a big appetite. I look for flavor and value mostly. Here’s my list!


I linked the Google Maps location to each of the places and they’re scattered around the city, though I compiled a little map list here for the people right off the bus.

I made this small visual map of the best places to eat in Rijeka. These are my 4 picks for downtown.

C = Cacao– desserts and sweets

M = Maslina na Zelenom trgu – favorite pizza & bistro

B = Best burek you’ll find (get the burek sa jabukob – burek with apple!)

K = Kings Caffe – Great & affordable sandwiches, burgers, and free WiFi!

Best food in Rijeka
Small map of my 4 favorite places to eat in downtown Rijeka

Best seafood in Rijeka

I absolutely love Konoba Ribica. I was very fond of the mussels dish + bread which was under 100kn and I came back to over and over again. The rest of their seafood is terrific and prices overall are on the medium-high end.

Great food, located right near Kantrida beach, and a cozy atmosphere, I really love this place.

Best café/burger in Rijeka

Right in the heart of the city, Kings Caffe offers excellent burgers and sandwiches alongside drinks and such at very fair prices. I really enjoyed going there over and over again and you get a top notch burger at the same cost as fast food garbage.

10/10 would recommend – nice view of the Ivan Zajc theatre and free WiFi too.

Best pizza in Rijeka

This is really hard and I give the spot on this list to Maslina na Zelenom trgu. Also in the heart of the city, their pizzas are very delicious and the rest of their menu is top notch. Prices are very fair and the location is great. Definitely would recommend if you like!

Best grill in Rijeka

None other than Kokolo! They have excellent meat dishes, good fish, and terrific pizza. They were up for contention on the best pizza zone but instead they win best grill. Get the Kokolo pizza – you won’t be disappointed.

A bit out of the way and accessible with bus 2, 2A, 3, 3A, and 18, I went there very often for their pizza and grill items. Good prices, high-end atmosphere, and terrific food.

Best ice cream & dessert in Rijeka

Oh god how many times I directed tourists and myself right into Cacao – they really should pay me! This place has absolutely delicious ice cream, treats, and desserts. Prices are medium-high but deservingly so. They have some really amazing flavors and I’ve been there very many times.

The best bakeries and burek in Rijeka

The absolute best burek I had in Rijeka was actually an apple burek from this little stall right near the downtown market. Honorable mention to Pekara Sv.Matej for their terrific potato burek – if you’re around Kantrida then this is a super cheap and tasty mini-meal.

Honorable mentions

Balthazar Fastfood makes top notch Ćevapi but is a bit far and it’s hard to know if they’re open.

This bakery here is run by the sweetest old lady and I’d love to direct business to her as the doughnuts are so tasty.

Finally, the downtown market open on weekends is of course a real amazing spot for foods. Depending on the season too you’ll find street vendors selling roasted chestnuts, popcorn, candy, or other.


I hope this little list helped out as this is my personal favorite places to eat. Truthfully I hadn’t even scratched the surface as there are hundreds of amazing places to eat and honestly no matter where you go, you’ll be satisfied. Buy local, buy fresh, and buy homemade!

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Any questions just drop them down below or on social media – I’ll get back to you ASAP 🙂

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