How to take transit in Rijeka, Opatija, and Krk – guide to the routes!

There is not too much information on Google Maps about the bus routes in Rijeka and the site while useful – is difficult to understand as a foreigner.

After living in Croatia for a while, I’ve learnt the system and have made a quick tips sheet to help you take transit in Rijeka, Opatija, Krk, and surrounding.


Bus routes guide

Here’s a quick easy-reference guide for the useful bus numbers in Rijeka. I can’t include them all since there are many, but here we go:

  • 1 – This is your beach bus. From Bivio to Pećine, it crosses the downtown strip and brings you to coastal hotspots.
  • 2 – Another cross-strip route, this will take you across the city to Trsat. Going in the opposite direction it’ll take you nowhere special. 2A is not too useful
  • 3 – You will likely not use this line except to return to the city center.
  • 32 – This is your bus to and from Opatija, Rijeka, Lovran, Mošćenička Draga and more. To go to Opatija and beyond you will need a 3 or 4 zone ticket.
  • Other numbers – Will likely not use these except to return to Rijeka city center. Consult the below linked Rijeka bus line map.
Rijeka bus lines map
Rijeka bus lines map in low resolution

Here’s a link to the Rijeka bus line map in full resolution

Here’s a link to the Rijeka – Opatija – Lovran – and extended area map.

Here’s a link to the nighttime Rijeka bus line timetable. Unlikely you’ll use it but it’s here!

Note: The scaling on the linked maps are odd and I question the graphic designers familiarity with Rijekas size.

The bus stops

There are a couple main areas to find the busses. The biggest congregation of the Rijeka bus lines is linked here while this central area here is dedicated to intra-city busses like FlixBus or Arriva.

These maps will show you where the Rijeka busses mostly are and where international/intercity busses drop you off.

Here is the main congregation spot of the Rijeka busses This second spot is where you’d be dropped off at if you come to Rijeka via bus.

Between those two links are a pair of roads which have multiple stops which you can get on the busses. Beyond that, it gets more complicated.

There is also this bus area but you will likely not need to go here as it takes busses into surrounding districts/villages.

Fares & tickets

The standard 1-way fare is 10kn, paid to the driver. You can also buy a 2-stamp fare for 15.50kn at a kiosk. These are valid for 90 minutes when stamped. Cash payment only in kunas.

Rijeka bus ticket 1 zone
Rijeka 1 zone bus ticket

Ticket control does hop on the busses periodically and they will not be happy if you’re a foreigner and black riding. I don’t know how much the fine is.

The tickets are also sold by zones – you can see the zones legend here. In short – if you’re staying within Rijeka all you need is 1 zone tickets, for Opatija-Rijeka length you’ll want 3 zone tickets.

Rijeka bus ticket 3 zone
Rijeka 3 zone bus ticket

Krk island

I’m not quite so familiar with the local bus system on Krk, though I reckon it connects all the small hostpots within the city, while insta-city bus lines like Autotrolej and FlixBus will connect you between Rijeka and Krk.


These are actually extremely efficient, quick, and well-priced! You can hire a Cammeo or Uber and they’re very speedy to deliver. Make sure to tip if you can! They usually priced say 20kn for first 5km and then extra after that. Some accept euros but you will pay extra – ask first!

Private taxi will usually be more expensive and if you need to take a taxi to or from the Rijeka airport on Krk, you’ll be paying quite a lot.

Ride sharing is a great way to rideshare for longer distances and get to other cities/areas or even countries on the cheap. Would recommend if you want to do inter-city travel for about the same price as a FlixBus ride.


So that’s my quick guide to taking transit in Rijeka. I hope this helped out and if you’ve got any questions please contact me here or on social media and I’ll be glad to help out.

Check out my favorite things to do in Rijeka and best beaches in Rijeka posts to find some of the coolest spots around! Peace 🙂

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