Utopia festival fashion show – Dystopia & kink themed (2021)

One of the highlights of the Utopia music festival was the Dystopia/Utopia fashion show, led and curated by some of the most interesting fashion designers. With experimental and daring outfits encouraged, we’ll go over some of these strange, fascinating, and downright sexy outfits found on the models.

The fashion show was curated by the excellent Andrea Gallad and Christelle la Fosse. Most of these photos are credit to Christella and can be found at the post on her website of the Utopia fashion show.

Designer 1: Lego Sky

Affordable couture headwear made from upcycled/recycled materials, Lego Sky is a small and creative brand based out of Berlin. Unique handmade pieces which bring intense angles and futuristic aesthetics to the table, you’ll find nothing but the most unique pieces from this designer.

Certain accessories can be found at the Pornceptual webshop.

Designer 2: Perlensau

Creating Futuristic sustainable accessories from Berlin, the fashion accessories by Perlensau incorporates eye-catching lines with minimalist philosophies and ethical materials. Sexy, bold, and futuristic, there’s nothing by the brand which isn’t excellent – I was thrilled to be paired with the designer for one of the outfits.

PERLENSAU is a metaphor for the full spectrum of life, the sacred and the profine, ying and yang, trashy glam, trashy glam, to fully experience and express life’s every facet.

The Perlensau online shop can be found here and is based in Berlin.

Designer 3: House of Marmol

Exploring the relationship between elegance and provocation, House of Marmol creates accessories which combines simplicity with functionality. Sustainable, vegan, and made by hand – it was also a pleasure to model for the designer. Sexy, sustainable, practical, simplistic, and affordable are ethos under which the brand operates by.

Jon Marmol comes from the world of Interior Architecture and Sculpture and has developed his artistic projects in the field of jewelry design. Fascinated by the iconography of sexual fetishism, his works explore the relationship between elegance and provocation.

The House of Marmol online shop can be found here and in-person stores can be found in Berlin, Barcelona, and Amsterdam. Some pieces were also provided by RAMBONA.

Designer 4: MÁTHÉ

His goal is to connect performance art, fetish, and high fashion. With his desire to “question the terms of beauty, body, and aesthetics,” as a key motivation, Florian Máthé wished to convey vibrancy, simplicity, and emotions within the context of fashion. 

Combining traditional clothing techniques, such as shibori and tailoring, using latex as a medium of uniqueness and strength, his garments create a warrior-like expression, in order to take space, protect and express.

In person, these pieces are nothing but eye-catching by the way the materials refract light and move. Online store here.

Designer 5: Stories to wear

Berlin-based Stories to wear is a sustainable fashion brand that combines sustainability with extraordinary designs. Their usual accessories are dresses, robes, and kimonos, however they displayed their transparency lineup for the Utopia fashion show.

Stories to wear means creating stories from fabrics, colors and structures. Each garment is unique and has its on story. We design limited collections from carefully selected materials with principles of upcycling, creative reuse and circular economy. We want to share fashion as a conscious and creative experience and invite our clients to take part in the sustainable design process to create own fully customized designs.

The Stories to wear online shop can be found here.

Designer 6: Lettau – Art Fashion

Lettau creates super stretchy, tight and sexy yet relaxed pieces, in foremost flashy and bright fabrics, pearl ornaments, sequin, metallic and holographic Lycra turn her collections into something that could be described as modern gymnastic chiq.

Her strong sense of the body and its movements, results in an eclectic signature style. All pieces are handmade and limited, blending together craft and new sporty and chiq shapes.

The Lettau online shop can be found here. All items are produced in house in her studio in Berlin Neukölln.

Designer 7: Lupae

LUPAE creates colourful femme latex clothing in Berlin, Germany. Vibrant, colorful, stretchy, and unique in presentation, the sexual and recognizable pieces are everything but understated.

Another Berlin-based shop, the Lupae online shop can be found here and offers a wide variety from bodysuits to thongs and everything in between.


There were a lot of outfits which I couldn’t find pictures of at the Utopia festival fashion show. Below I inserted a post which has a video showcasing more of the designs during the final walk.

Also, check out my complete Utopia festival review for more thoughts and opinions about the experience!

Big thanks and congratulations to all the designers for putting on an excellent fashion show, and to the organizers Andrea Gallad and Christelle for the rapid and quality organizational skills as well as the makeup artists and models.

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