Lieferando vs Wolt vs Khora – best food delivery in Berlin?

I tried out all 3 of the food delivery services in Berlin (that I know of) and compare Lieferando vs Wolt vs Khora. We’ll go over customer support, delivery quality, food choices, accessibility, and more in this quick showdown.

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Lieferando Berlin
Lieferando Berlin – they’re everywhere!

The biggest name out there, the conglomerate had eaten up all other companies by this time last year and Lieferando was the only food delivery service in Berlin for a bit. Then along came Wolt and Khora.


They have a huge catalogue of restaurants. From McDonalds to small places, they’ve been around for a while and even have döner places. No complaints here but I’d highly recommend against ordering McDonalds if you’re ordering food…

Delivery quality

These guys often suck. Often slow, almost always late from my order time, and the drivers look either overworked or not caring. Can’t fault the delivery drivers for this too much, but it was sub-par. My food would often come cold, past the delivery time, or with missing items. Blah.

Lieferando Berlin food delivery
The orange Lieferando dudes are everywhere!

Customer support

A mix. Lieferando has been pretty nice with reimbursing cold/bad orders but getting a hold of support was a pain a couple of times. A passing grade.

Other notes:

I don’t really order from Lieferando anymore since I get better service and actually warm food from both Wolt and Khora. I also heard they have some shady business practices by setting up a proxy domain for restaurants and leeching more profit. Not cool.


Khora Berlin

I came across Khora from a friend who found an ‘ethical’ delivery service which focuses on only bio packaging, bike-only delivery and supporting good businesses. Supposedly it’s a courier collective of people who love to bike which is cool. Their Instagram gave me many smiles.


Wow they have some amazing restaurants which are both reasonably priced and delicious. They definitely don’t have as much of a selection compared to the other two apps but I appreciate how they don’t support McDonalds, KFC, etc.

Delivery quality:

Amazing every time! By far the fastest and most reliable courier service, every time I ordered from these guys I actually got warm food and within the suggested time window. I even saw the bike of one driver and it looked like a road race bike! One order had a saucy mess but the support was great. Also, cool bags!

Khora Berlin food delivery
They’re kind of stealth

Customer support:

Their support was so awesome that they asked me on the spot if I wanted a re-delivery or cash refund for the afflicted item. Quick, prompt, and human – I loved it!

Other notes:

They have a limited selection compared to the others (still really good though) and depending on where you live you’ll only have restaurants in a 3km radius or so. I love supporting small and upcoming business so my heart goes out to these guys.


Wolt Berlin

I was quick to transition to ordering from Lieferando to Wolt after they came to market. Especially with that €6 coupon it was a pretty good deal. I don’t use them anymore but preferred them over Lieferando for the following reasons:


The restaurant selection is similar to Lieferando with good and bad places. Places like LoveBurger and Katies Blue Cat offer incredible stuff at pretty good prices. Can’t complain!

Delivery quality

Much better than Lieferando I must say, but not on the level of Khora. Two orders I had came very late and cold, two orders came on time, and one arrived completely destroyed in the bag, which leads me to customer support.

Wolt delivery berlin

Customer support

The driver didn’t really care but the customer service via phone was pretty empathetic and refunded me quickly. Pretty good and I’ve heard nothing but good things from others about the Wolt customer support.

Other notes:

Their delivery times seem really sporadic. Some were on time, some completely off, and the drivers seemed unenthralled each time. Not to blame them – I reckon it’s pretty tough work.


Lieferando vs Wolt vs Khora
Lieferando vs Wolt vs Khora – Winners chosen

Anyways, I choose #1 Khora, #2 Wolt, and #3 Lieferando. I like supporting small business and groups so it’s a no-brainer for me.

I always tip every driver because they deserve it for riding in the rain, wind, and even snow this winter. I encourage you whoever is reading this to tip as well because I feel bad for the drivers sometimes.

Hope you liked the Lieferando vs Wolt vs Khora mini-guide. Any questions drop them down below! Peace.

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