Explaining consciousness – CIA-RDP96-00788 – Analysis and assessment of Gateway Process

I’ll add more to this page as time comes and I re-read this document a few times over.

This is one of the most interesting reads I’ve ever come across. It’s rather complex and takes a while to digest but it’s 100% worth it. If you’re familiar with meditation & other altered states of consciousness and are interested in physics, read at least 10 pages.

It’s an official declassified CIA document and a terrific analysis of consciousness and beyond – known as the Gateway Process. Difficult to explain in short form, I highly recommend reading the entire text when you have time to focus on it.

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CIA-RDP96-00788 gateway download:

Here’s a link to the .pdf of the CIA-RDP96-00788 gateway process document


Discussion on the gateway process.

While it’s an older document and declassified for a while now, the fact that modern developments in science, (quantum) physics, psychedelics, and neurobiology confirms what’s written within those pages is nothing short of outstanding.

StandardTori 701
The Torus has been historically recognized as the source of all consciousness and a supposed model of the universe.

It explains consciousness in a profound and analytical way and merges knowledge from mystics from Hindu, Buddhist, and Tibetan cultures to contemporary scientific knowledge of Planck distance, Einstein’s theory of relativity, and the works of Nils Bohr.

The cosmic spiral & torus is everything, and everything is one. It seems as though individual consciousness is pulled from the collective consciousness using the frequency/vibrations of the being. This applies to humans, whales, fungus, and amoeba.

Screen+Shot+2018 11 07+at+5.55.45+PM
The Torus and stream of consciousness displayed in a spiritual rendition.

Mystics of past and present including all ancient religions understood these concepts thousands of years ago. Still, it takes much to open the minds of the most pragmatic, self-conscious, and uptight people.

Cia is as CIA does

Who knows what they were really up to when they created these documents and what insights they had to have these discoveries and revelations. Smoke & mirrors? Maybe.

Unfortunately this document is a series of images rather than a text document, as is the nature of CIA documents. Here are my favorite 3 pages:

CIA-RDP96-00788 – Describes the understanding of the Big Bang within the context of understood quantum mechanics
Continuation of the above page with illustration which depicts the suggested true ‘shape’ of the universe -the egg, the helix, the spiral.
Going back to understanding how consciousness creates all, not how our minds create consciousness.


The declassified CIA-RDP00788R001 gateway experience is definitely one of my favorite reads and I’ll have to go over it again a couple times to best understand the concepts describe. Amazing how old it seemingly is yet aligns with both ancient and contemporary knowledge. The answer to life and existence is out there – it is us.

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Until next time, peace.

Explaining consciousness - CIA-RDP96-00788 - Analysis and assessment of Gateway Process
CIA gateway experience CIA RDP96

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