Review: Waterproof hip pack by Jaylife 13 – Outstanding!


I’ve had the spacious 100% submersible waterproof hip pack by Jaylife 13 for about a year and a half now and have given it a thorough testing – and what an outstanding bit of kit it has been!

Designed primarily for water sports like kayaking, standup paddleboarding (SUP), or simply cycling or walking in rainy weather – I’ve abused it at festivals, on MTB trails, and in saltwater, so lets see how it has stood the test of time.

I’m going to cover all the important aspects like build quality, waterproof-ability, and more in this review, so lets dive right in!

Build quality

600D TPU construction with welded seams all around – it’s strudy, shaped, tough, and inspires confidence – something you want when you have your phone, documents, and other valuables hovering above a watery grave!

The main compartment/zip is entirely waterproof and uses a large double-hook zipper which is easy to open. The zip itself is quite firm and sturdy – which is great knowing that when it’s shut, it won’t budge!

Trustworthy to keep all my valuables while out on the water

This could impact how easy it is to open your zip rapidly, however this is well worth it for having the confidence that it won’t open unexpectedly and potentially ruining your valuables.

The smaller outside zip is not waterproof, though it’s easy to open is a great dedicated snack spot since my granola bars are often wrapped up anyways.

Multiple gear loops to hook accessories on with a carabiner are on the front face, with thick buckles and webbing to attach the pack around your waist. Additional adjustments to tighten/loosen the pack further for optimal load distrubution.

Overall the build quality is excellent and all the seams and zips are well constructed.


Thanks to the thick webbing, multiple adjustment points, and padded backside – this pack is excellent and as comfy as can be.

I’ve worn it for hours and hours on end without issue doing all sorts of activities from biking to snorkelling, full-day mountain hikes to SUPing.

Thick buckles, webbing, and ample foam padding

I didn’t think there’s really much you could say about a hip pack in terms of comfort – but it really goes beyond what most hip packs will offer with the additional side-buckles to keep the load tighter (or looser) to your body for a less bouncy pack. Especially useful when carrying a lot of heavy stuff and doing high-intensity activity.

Overall, excellent in the comfort department as well!


A very spacious 2.5L main compartment can easily store a chunky 1L Nalgene and beg to carry more. I usually pack in a lightweight jacket, sunglasses, socks, phone, snacks, wallet, keys, lightweight pants/shorts, and still have some room to spare!

Tons of space for snacks, clothing, and anything I need!

There’s an inner zip compartment which helps with organising things and that’s where I keep my phone – makes opening up for a quick photo easier!

I really adore how strong the main zipper is – it leaves me very confident in bad conditions or even when out at a festival since pickpockets would have a very hard time keeping it discreet if they’re trying to have a quick rummage through my things.

That’s a 1L bottle with ample room to spare!

Even with the zipper opened and dancing around at a festival – surprisingly nothing fell out due to the strongly shaped nature of the pack – things will stay inside even if you accidentally leave the zip opened. This has happened multiple times and I’m very thankful for that each time.

The outer compartment is suitable for smaller items you wouldn’t mind getting wet or need quick access to but only suitable for thinner items which are primarily flat.

Outer zip is not waterproof – preferred for snacks.

Overall there is a surprisingly ample amount of storage in this hip pack which makes it fantastic for hours-long outings where you’ll want to carry some extra items without bringing a whole backpack.

Waterproof performance

Over a year of use in saltwater, at festivals, drinks spilled, drying in the sun – still fantastic! Zero drips or drops when submersed in dunks of 2-meter saltwater waves. I usually inflate the pack right with a breath before putting it on to have it even more buoyant, just in case it somehow falls off me or my kayak.

Keeping safe even during intense wavy kayaking

Nope – it has been stellar so far and has kept my important valuable like phone, passport, clothes, camera, and other things dry as a bone in some pretty unfavourable conditions.


With such a large main compartment it’s not great for carrying just a couple items and using it as a bag for running or biking since things will bounce and bob around. Easy enough to mask that problem with a loose t-shirt packed inside, but I don’t use this pack at all for trail running since it’s a bit too large and bulky.

Some of the salty conditions I subject it to.

For hiking it has been great for shorter trips where only some water, snacks, and light layer may be needed. I’ve used it to hike multiple mountains in the Canadian Rockies and have been well satisfied with it.

Aside from that I cannot really think of any negatives at all with the pack!


I adore this hip pack and highly recommend it. It goes with me every time I hit the water and has never let me down. I’ve trusted it to protect thousands of dollars in tech and my sensitive documents and it hasn’t let me down once.

Overall I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a durable, 100% waterproof hip pack for SUPing, kayaking, or biking. For trail running I would look for a particular pack for that purpose though.

A necessary accessory for any day I hit the water!

I silkscreen printed on my own designs to give it a little bit of flavour – the flat black worked as a great canvas!

I would recommend looking at the Jaylife13 Sensu 40L waterproof ultralight backpack too if you need the storage space for packrafting or beyond! Has served me exceptionally well through the abuse I’ve thrown at it – though it’s now at the end of its life.

The well-priced and ultralight waterproof backpack – Sensu by Jaylife13

Thanks for reading and have a warm day! 🙂

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Jaylife13 Waterproof waist pack
jaylife13 waterproof hip pack review

A 100% waterproof hip pack made for water sports like SUPing, kayaking, fishing, or protection against the rain when hiking or biking.

Product Brand: Jaylife13

Editor's Rating:


  • 100% waterproof
  • Well priced
  • Great build quality


  • Large

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