RAINS LE Holographic oil spill jacket – L


Excellent condition, lightly used, never machine washed. Waterproof, shiny, reflective, sexy.

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One of my rare wares and a rare wear.


GIF showing the Holographic: https://gfycat.com/untimelycolorfulkiwi

Super rare run by RAINS, a small Danish fashion group which produces rainwear. They sold out nearly instantly.

If you vibe being flashy without neon colors or being too overstated, then this jacket is maybe your best choice. It appears like a normal black rain jacket but after a few seconds you’ll spot the rainbow iridescent, oil-spill type reflection. Amazing for nights out at the bar, club, festivals, or raves.

I’m selling it since I mostly wear my Arc’Teryx GTX jacket and I’m trying to reduce my inventory. I’ve used this jacket a handful of times and always love the compliments and looks it gets. I just don’t use it enough to justify keeping it though since I don’t go out to clubs so often and want to keep it in good condition.

This very limited edition run (5 made in each size) is rare and sold out almost instantly. This L/XL I’ve seen sell at $300-$400 before, so my $300 price is pretty fair given the condition, all original tags, and bags. No material defects at all and it’s a durable PU blend which repels water super well as it should.

Shipping from EU, $10 global shipping, free if in EU. For international I’ll mark it as gift/low value (under $50) to avoid customs charges.

Any questions or whatnot please don’t hesitate to ask. The pictures and GIF don’t really demonstrate the holographic neatness as well as in person. Will accept returns up to 1 week, you pay for shipping and 10% fee for return.

Open to trades of items in white or functional GTX/camping equipment. Feel free to offer!

Will accept payment in any currency, PayPal G&S, tracked shipping, all that good good.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask! I’m 6’2″, 185 lbs and it fits nice, flowey, while showing off the chest and shoulders nicely. Not in a rush to sell but a good offer will take it – trying to thin out my wardrobe after all.

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