SEO & Marketing

Strategies, implementations, results, and analysis.


Text, photo, video, audio. Creation, writing, editing, auditing, and publishing.

WordPress & SMM

Management, posting, design, and optimization.

Contact me for info regarding guest posting, product reviews, backlinks, affiliates, and other services.

Most of my work is in the realms of writing, editing, content creation, SEO, video content, WordPress site management and marketing.

Majority of which is done within the cannabis industry, health & fitness, and outdoor recreation. You can find my works implemented in numerous high-profile sites and companies campaigns around the net.

I am open to providing data & analytics to those with serious proposals.

For detailed information regarding past projects, pricing, and anything you would like to work on together, please get in touch using the contact form at the bottom.

Upwork freelance profile

Upwork Freelance profile

Previous clients

Clients I’ve worked with (ongoing and past)

Gorilla Grow Tents





Puff Digital

Weed Republic

Lotus Nutrients

Truth Gym Gallery


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